Anime Reviews

This, my dear friends, is were I will be reviewing anime and happily watching one at your request so I can tell you what it's like.

I'm going to take most of the bad/good things and cram it all in to a page.
Your welcome.

(btw this is Elle, not Caitlin)

Please thank River Summers for my AMAZING cover!


25. Another Co-Author?

Hey I'm Silver, who waits a week before announcing my existence because #laziness and #artGCSE and #whyamIcopyingDragonSoulJess?


Hehe, I'll watch most anime, I'll watch it as long as I'd last, and like DSJ i'll put SL in my reviews. I've watched a lot of anime, most of them being action and sci-fi based, and sports. I love the sports anime :)


So anyway


And now bye.


(I like Levi, he is complete badass, watch the attack on titan OVA 4 and 5, they're epic.)

soznotsoz for copying DSJ.

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