Imperfectly Perfect

Love is when you find someone who you know in the inside, and still think of them as perfect. Love is when you find someone with flaws, and still think of them as perfect.
Love is only skin deep. And when Nate meets Kelsey, from the start all he wants to do is protect her. Because to him, she is perfect.


2. Science class

Classes continued on and I only saw the girl, Kelsey, once in homeroom. But i still have 4 more classes and im sure she will be in one of them. Next class science then off to lunch. I walk into the science lab and everyone is already in their seats paired up. Every year you can choose who you work with for the rest of the year. Since im the new kid i will work with who ever comes and sits with me. But they wont have a choice since the seat next to me is the only seat open. Finally the bell rings and the teacher comes in. But in the corner of my eye i see a girl come sit next to me.


"Everyone introduce yourself to the person next to you, they will be your partner until the end of the year." The teacher says.


I look up from my notebook and look at the girl. Our eyes meet and i feel the same feeling i felt in homeroom. My partner is Kelsey. Her eyes are brown, not to special. Her hair is wavy brown that just passes her shoulder by a few inches, her side bangs are a lighter brown then the rest of her hair. She has a nose piercing and some bare blemishes that are quite hard  to see. She is wearing a hoodie and she pulled the sleeves up and i can see all her bracelets. She mainly has rubber bracelets. She had a few band bracelets and the breast cancer, 'I heart Boobies' bracelet. I could tell by her bracelets, me and her have the same taste in music. 


"Hi, I am Nate" I say a little after she has unpacked her science stuff.


Kelsey looks at me and replies, "Kelsey."


"Looks like we will be partners." I smiled.


"Looks like it." She doesn't even look at me.


"So you like those bands?"


"Look, Nate, you seem like a great person, but you don't want to know me very well. I am not good with people. You aren't ugly, you will do good in this school and you seem smart. Don't start your school year by having me as a 'Friend'. " 


"But what if i want to know you?" I reply then look away. I see her in the corner of my turn back at me and stare at me. She sighs then looks to her notebook.


She whispers, "Im not someone you want to know."


Now it is my turn to sigh. She isn't perfect. She couldnt compare to Leslie or Nicole, but to me she is perfect. And i dont care what she says, all i want to do is know her, be there for her protect her. 




Science class ended and now it's lunch time. I follow Kelsey to the lunchroom and after i get my lunch i sit with her. She doesnt look up at me. I sit with her in silence, it was so quiet, but it wasnt awkward. I liked the silence, i liked being near her, silence or not. 

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