Imperfectly Perfect

Love is when you find someone who you know in the inside, and still think of them as perfect. Love is when you find someone with flaws, and still think of them as perfect.
Love is only skin deep. And when Nate meets Kelsey, from the start all he wants to do is protect her. Because to him, she is perfect.


1. Love is an odd thing

“Love is giving someone the power to destroy you… But trusting them not to.”

 Love is a painful thing and I will never understand why people are so hurt by it. I have never been in love before but I guess that’s the reason why. Sure I have had crushes on some girls, but I have never fallen in love with them. I plan not to fall in love. I see the way it hurts people and if I was to fall in love, I would want to fall in love with someone really special. That may sound super sappy, but I honestly don’t want to get hurt.

I really hate my name, Nate. It doesn’t seem to fit me. I may be just weird like that or maybe I just hate the way people say it. Well in my old school they said it right, but in this new school they say it with a weird accent. New school, new accent. I am 15 and I am in 10th grade. I just graduated and I decided to go to a new school this year. Ok maybe it wasn’t my choice. It was my mom’s choice. She is a teacher and wanted to teach the littler kids in the area so we had to move. We had the money to move. I wouldn’t call myself rich but we do have a lot of money. Why wouldn’t we? My dad is the head surgeon in some hospital. He is always busy but he has good pay, but over the summer he gets a break and we can go to the lake house.

Today is my first day of classes. This school is very odd. They have the new students in a big group no learning for a whole week to see and meet the other students and teachers. And for some odd reason I have a bad feeling about my first day of learning. Of course I didn’t meet all the students because some decide to not come back until the actual first day of learning. I walk to my homeroom and I see that I still have 20 minutes to kill. So I take out my headphones and listen to music. It’s the only thing I can think of doing.




It is such a weird thing.  You can’t explain it. How you know the person has your heart and has the option to either tear it up or keep it safe. Love is accepting the person, thinking they are perfect even after all their flaws. Some guys fall in love because of a big ass or fake eyebrows and pounds of make-up. But that isn’t really love. Love is knowing the person inside and out. And still even knowing all their flaws, you think they are perfect. That’s love. It is when you look at someone, with a shine in your eyes, and when they look back, well the shine is in their eyes also. Well I mean that is what I think love is.

You shouldn't hurt the person you love. Never should you. It isn't right. 


Finally class starts and I see everyone file into the class room. Some girl sits next to me and I cannot deny that she is gorgeous. She was as tall as a model, she had that long wavy blonde hair, and eyes as blue as the ocean. She looks at me, then at her friend, they smile at each other and her teeth are white and seems to shine. 

Her friend had a down to earth type of beauty. She had long, straight brown hair and hazel eyes. She had one dimple on the side of her left face while her side swept bangs pushed to the right.


"Hi my name is Leslie, and that is my friend Nicole." The blonde girl says and points to her friend who smiles and waves.

Leslie sticks her hand at me and i grab to shake it. Her hands were soft and gentle.


"I am Nate." I replied with a quick smile that the girls so sweetly returned. 


The teacher walks in and gestures me to stand up.


"Ladies and gentlemen, this is our new student Nate. Make him feel welcome. But Nate, do you have any hobbies?" The teacher asks. What do I say? 


"Well sir, I play soccer any chance I get. Hoping to make the team this year." After I said that a corner of boys erupt in shoots and hollers. I guess they are the soccer team. I smile and sit down.


"You know, I am the head soccer player for the girls team." Leslie says as soon as i sit down.


"Oh really? Cool." I reply not really focused on as to what she had to say. Something else caught my attention. Well someone else.


A girl with a hoodie over her head. But I saw her average hair with some bleached spots. She runs into her seat. She sets down her bag and takes out her ear buds and stuffs it into a pocket with her phone.


"Ha the loser is late. Yet again!" Nicole says to her friend.


"Hey who is that girl?" I ask getting more curious.


"Some loser freak that is i'm sure emo." One of the girls said but my attention was back to the girl who was late.


"Kelsey, you are late again." The teacher says without turning his back.

I watch as the girl takes off her hoodie and reveals her face. I catch her eye attention and for a split second she stopped moving. But then she looks away as fast and replies to the teacher with a sigh.


"What happened this time Kelsey? Your mom to brain dead to take you to school?" Someone shouts and everyone laughs. The girl Kelsey makes no comment and instead looks at me. She sits down and i turn back around. But for some reason I had an urge to turn back around and see if she was still looking at me. I turn my head back at her. 


My heart sank when I saw that she wasn't looking at me. Did I want her to look at me? Oh god I am going to sound like one of those teenage girls that is crushing on a boy.

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