We Can Make It Out Alive (5SOS/1D)

Rylie Martin and Luke Hemmings have been "best friends" since they were 5 years old.

At the age of 15, there is a misunderstanding between the two, and Rylie loses all contact with Luke, despite her constant efforts.

Two years since then, and everything has changed for Rylie. Having not heard from Luke, she has moved on to focus on her own life. But when her dad leaves her mom, they are desperate for a new start.

Her mom finds it with a job offer to become a new up and coming local band’s tour manager, when they go on a world tour with the famous pop boy band that is One Direction, taking Rylie along with her.

Soon Rylie finds interest in one of the band’s members, but is shocked to find out the lead singer of the band. Luke.


4. Acquaintances

Luke continued to look at me with a blank face for a few more seconds before snapping out of it.


“That’s okay Luke. At least you made it. Just try to wake up with the rest of the boys next time. As I told the others, this is Ashley Martin, your tour manager, and her daughter Rylie.” Jack said with a smile at Luke. He looked at my mom and she smiled. He then walked to the other side of Michael at the end of the table.


“Are you okay mate? You look sick.” Calum said to him as he sat down.


“Yeah Cal, I am just really tired.” Luke said carefully avoiding looking at me.


“Luke, you went to bed at like 11, how are you so tired?” Ashton questioned him. He looked at Ashton, making it impossible for him to avoid my eye any longer. I have him a look of question, he shook his head signaling ‘not now’ and answered Ashton.


“I just didn’t sleep very well, okay?” Luke replied coldly. The other boys took that as a cue to leave him alone. They resumed chatting to amongst themselves. Finally our food arrived.


I took the time we sat eating to think about what had just happened.


Luke? In a band? MY Luke? Going on tour with the biggest singing group in the world? I didn’t even know that Luke was musically talented. He never sang in front of me, nor did he play any instruments. There must be some kind of misunderstanding. Luke isn’t in the band. Was this a joke?


But at the same time, I haven’t seen Luke in two and a half years. He hasn’t called me, texted me, or came to visit me since the day at the pool. And he never answered any of my attempts to see or talk to him. He just fell out of my life. He didn’t get over it like his mom had said. And I just gave up. I figured that if he wanted to talk to me, he would. Apparently I had hurt him really bad. But I never got the chance to explain myself, and why I had said anything. That’s what frustrated me the most.


I had finished my meal and was sitting still thinking about Luke, and the next thing I knew everyone was getting up.


“Rylie?” I heard Ashton say from my right.


“Huh? What’s happening?” I asked feeling and sounding dumb.


“Your mom and Jack decided that we should go back to our house to go through tour details. Were you really spacing out that much?” Ashton said with a smile. I looked around and everyone had already left the room.


“Oh. I guess I was. I’m sorry.” I said getting out of my chair.


“Well no need to be sorry silly. Just come with me!” Ashton said taking my hand and leading me through the door, through the restaurant and out to the street.


“It looks like everyone else already went ahead, but it’s only a couple of blocks. Do you want to walk? I can show you some cool places in London?” Ashton said once again smiling down at me. I just now noticed how tall he actually was. I was only about 5’ 3 and he was around 6 feet tall.


“Yeah okay. That sounds fun.” I said. Ashton smiled once again (I don’t think that he ever stops smiling) and started walking down the street. I followed him and he slowed down to match my short people pace.


We walked in silence for a few minutes, giving me a chance to look around. London may be cold, but it’s so pretty. Ashton started pointing out various stores and things. The streets were filled with cute little shops selling various things. They even had the stereotypical red telephone booths on every other corner. It was a pretty city.


“So, how did the four of you become a band?” I asked Ashton hoping he would give me some insight on Luke from the past two and half years.


“Well Calum, Luke and Michael were all friends at school. They were messing around one day and decided to record themselves doing a cover of a song. They got a lot of hits, and started posting them on a regular basis. So they decided that they needed a drummer, and they found me.” Ashton said sounding proud.


“So how did you guys end up in London if you are all from Australia?” I asked.


“Well after we became popular on YouTube, we made an EP with some songs of our own that we wrote. That became really popular in Australia, but we knew that if we were actually going to break into the music industry, we needed to come to London. And so here we are.” Ashton said.


Hmm I can’t believe that Luke didn’t tell me any of this. I’ve been his best friend since we were 5. You would think that he would tell me this kind of stuff was happening, even if he is mad at me.


Ashton and I continued walking for another couple of blocks and then entered into a neighborhood. We walked down the street past a couple of houses, before Ashton turned and walked up the driveway. I followed him, taking the time to notice his fit bum, and then we walked into the house.


Everyone was seated in the dining room around a table, and there was one empty spot for Ashton.


“Rylie honey, we are going be working in here. Why don’t you just go into the living room, watch some TV and wait for us to be done? It shouldn’t be too long.” My mom said.


It didn’t look like I really had a choice so I nodded. “I’ll show you to it, and turn on the TV for you.” Ashton said.


10 minutes later I was seated in 5 Seconds of Summer’s living room by myself, watching some British soap opera. Well this is fun… I was already bored. I decided to get up and have a look around. There wasn’t much in the house. There was some furniture, a lot of instruments and a lot of food. I got off the couch to try and find the bathroom. I didn’t see one anywhere on the ground floor. I saw a set of stairs, so I went up them.


The first thing I noticed was the overwhelming smell of boy. It smelt like a mixture of body odor, rotting food and axe body spray. There were four different bedrooms, but only one bathroom. The bathroom was surprisingly clean, and I used it.


After I was done in the bathroom, I looked into the room to the right of the bathroom. I saw a drum kit. I was guessing that was Ashton’s room. So they not only had their instruments in the living room, but another set in their rooms. Damn. Against my better judgment, I walked into it. There were clothes everywhere. There were also a lot of food wrappers and drumsticks. On his bedside table there was a picture, it was of him and what looked to be his family. He was holding a little boy that looked just like him. Aww how cute!


Okay that was enough creeping. I walked out his room and was walking back down the hall when something in another room caught my eye.


I walked into the room. It was fairly clean with a few shirts on the floor here and there, like it had only gotten messed up by someone getting dressed. There were two guitars in the corner. One electric and one acoustic. The bed was made and all the drawers were closed. The thing that caught my eye was a framed picture of a drawing. There wasn’t anything really personal in the room besides it. It was a caricature of Luke and I from when we were about 12.


I remember that day like it was yesterday. It was a summer day, and we were riding around my town looking for something to do. We had ridden all the way to the edge of the town to find a carnival. It was perfect. We spent all day playing stupid arcade games, riding the Ferris wheel, and eating cotton candy and hot dogs. We were getting close to leaving when we saw the caricature artist. Luke dragged me over to him and made me sit down. We sat while he drew us for a good 20 minutes. Finally it was done. We paid for it, took it and then walked away before looking at it.


Once we looked at, we immediately started cracking up. My caricature looked extremely pissed off and Luke’s didn’t even remotely look like him. We laughed about that picture for a good two hours after we had left the carnival. Since Luke had paid for it, he got to keep it. But I totally forgot about it until now. I can’t believe he still had it. Not to mention it was hanging up.


“Finding anything good?” I heard a voice say.


I whipped around to see Luke standing in the doorway.

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