Accidental meet up *Discontinued*

***Discontinued*** When Penny accidentally meets famous detective Sherlock Holmes, what happens? Keep reading to find out. COVER: found picture online, added words on paint :) I Own nothing :P


3. Chapter 3

Penny's POV

~The Next Day~

I quickly hit the snooze on my alarm. Its Tuesday, great. I quickly comb my hair and throw on a pair of jeans and a t shirt. I brush my teeth and run out the door. I'm so tired, so I start walk into that cafe I went to yesterday. Lets hope this time I don't almost get hit with a bus. I walk into the café and to my surprise there is Sherlock!

"Penny hello, Coffee?" He said gesturing to the booth. I nodded and sat across from him.

"Fancy seeing you here." I said taking a menu. He looked around (Im assuming nervously.)

"So Penny what brings you here?" He asked

"Oh um morning coffee, You?" I replied. A server came over before Sherlock could answer.
"Can I take your orders now?" She asked.

"One coffee for me." I said

"Just a coffee." Sherlock said.

The waitress scribbled down the order and walked off after taking our menus.

"You know Penny you seem nice, maybe we could go to dinner sometime." Sherlock said casually.

Hmm he seems quite nice, I guess that would be cool.

"Ok." I said

"How about Friday night?" He asked and I nodded.

"Here is my cell number." I said handing him my cell phone number.

He took it and put it into his pocket. After that we chatted and drank coffee until I noticed I had to go to work. I said goodbye to Sherlock and headed out.



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