Accidental meet up *Discontinued*

***Discontinued*** When Penny accidentally meets famous detective Sherlock Holmes, what happens? Keep reading to find out. COVER: found picture online, added words on paint :) I Own nothing :P


2. Chapter 2

John's POV

After that little episode, Sherlock and I headed out for the next location. When we arrived we found out it was a murder. While I was checking over the body, Sherlock seemed Out if it. Like he had something he might of wanted to talk about. We finished up the case for the day and were walking back to apartment 221B, when Sherlock was staring at the café.

"Sherlock is something the matter?" I asked

"No. Lets just go." He said walking up the stairs and into his office.

I followed him and he was trying to figure out the case of the murder. its been quite a while and he eventually just gets up and bursts.

"THATS IT!" He says angrily.

"what the hell? Sherlock what is it?" I asked thinking its something about the case.

"Its that Penny girl! I cant get her out of my head! I have been thinking about her all day!" He said.

I knew something was bothering him.

"Well why cant you get her out of your head?" I asked

This took him a minute.

"She seems to have certain traits that interest me. Such as, a nice smile, is pretty and seems genuinely perfected." He said.

So he likes her.

"So you like Penny? A girl you met for only like two bloody minutes?" I asked in dis belief.

"Of course I like her John!" he said.

"Well then how do you plan on meeting her?" I asked skeptically.

It took him about two minutes to come up with his answer.

"We will go to the Café tomorrow, I will get a coffee and muffin, and you just stay a slight distance." He said.

Well that's rude.

"But only because I need to have a free spot for her to sit." He added.

"Ok I guess that will work." I said hastily. I then got a text from Marry. I showed Sherlock and headed home.



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