Accidental meet up *Discontinued*

***Discontinued*** When Penny accidentally meets famous detective Sherlock Holmes, what happens? Keep reading to find out. COVER: found picture online, added words on paint :) I Own nothing :P


1. Chapter 1

Penny's POV

I Brush my long Dark hair out of my face and grab my bag. I head out onto the busy streets of London. So many people. I walk a few blocks and notice a little café. Im walking the busy streets and am halfway across the street when a double decker bus comes hurtling towards me. I felt something hard hit me and made me fly some distance. I hit my back off something hard and noticed there was also weight on me! I open my eyes and see there is a Man, in a trench coat and scarf, with dark curly hair and blue eyes rubbing his head and getting up. He looks about my age. Well im a few years younger by the looks of it.  
"Sherlock! What the hell was that?" Shouted another man running towards us. This Sherlock guy helps me up.

"I was helping this girl." He said.

"You alright?" he added I nodded.

"Thanks" I said.

"What's your name? Im Sherlock." Sherlock said.

"Im Penny." I said.

"Ok well nice saving you life Penny. We best be off, sorry to sound Rude or anything." Said the other man. They walked off and I walked into the café.


Author's Note: This is just chapter 1, more chapters to come. :P

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