Three sister one who is 22 and the other two who 21 get adopted by none other than one direction well not all of them just Zayn read to fin out if this is a twist of fate or luck and follow the Castel sisters through their journey called life ps. Includes *self harm* and also *abusing*


1. new beginning

Bailee's pov.

We all got our stuff together I packed: my American flag shirts, headbands, bandanas, my phone, jean shorts, tank tops, benis of course and my guitar ( most of its American flag cause I'm a proud American) anyway I grabbed my skateboard suitcase and my phone and was about to come down the steps when my enemy Claire comes and pushes me down the stairs she laughs and I don't think anyone seen but It didn't hurt remember I play more sports and get hurt then I can count so got up and said haters gonna hate than she got mad and came down the stairs when I was about to walk in the living room she grabbed my hair and pulled me to the ground and that's when the boys came in and I jumped up and tackled her and she just shut up and punched me in the face but missed so I just barely punch her in the jaw and she falls down but she gets up and walks upstairs when Alexis and lacey come down I turned around when I heard clapping and saw nod direction and they said wow u can fight really good and I say thanks and we get to the car and zayn says that Im the one that adopted all of u he says I nodded and we drove home I could feel niall staring at me but I didn't want to talk Its just that orphanage was the only place that reminded me of my mom and dad before I ran away with Alexis and lacey because they used to abuse us because they were always drunk but they didn't even care to look for us. I got snapped out of my thoughts when niall shooke my arm I looked over and he said were here so we got out and I look up to the huge and i mean huge house more like a mansion I wisper to myself shit this is huge but I guess they heard because they laughed at me Alexis and lacey because we all said it. We just chuckle at ourself when we all walk in side I look around and say shit again but out loud so ya eveybody laughed again but only at me because lacey and Alexis were frozen because I was so big but they finally said OMG this is huge I giggled at them and so the boys.

Niall said ready for an adventure tour I giggled and said ya so he showed me the: living room, dinning room, game room I was amazed by that cause I luv viedo games especially killing ones anyways, there rooms Alexis room, and Lacey's room then he said here's my room it was was a neon bright green which I loved and also neon blue furniture with an American flag bed sheet I said thank u so much I luv it he hugged me back and said no prob there's still more he said taking my hand again I was still amazed with my room but when he showed me the studio I yelled dear god u have the best guitars I've ever seen and he said u play guitar and I say ya remember I told u and he said ya and giggled I sat down next to him and grabbed a guitar and stated playing heartbreaker girl and started singing he just watched me and when I finished I heard him say wow and nothing else well staring at me and not moving an inch and I said thanks and clapped my hands in his face he blushed and said come on I know ur gonna luv what's next I said there's more than this he nodded and continued till we came to outside there was: a baseball field, soccer field, tennis field, a pool, and a huge football field I just screamed and said thank u so much and tackled him to the ground in a hug he just laughed and gave me a famous horan hug.

Alexis's pov.

We got to the house.......... more like mansion I mumbled shit under my breath louis liam niall harry and zayn started laughing I guess all three of us said it at the same time alright alexis I will show you around louis said niall you show bailee and harry you can show lacey the place. First he showed me my room I gasped at how perfect it looked it was painted bright blue the bed comforter was blue and orange stripes and in te corner there was a huge window with one of thoose couches connected to it, the rest of the furnature was bright blue green (as you can tell I LOVE blue lol) and posters hang on the wall some had 5sos others were of the British flag there were also a couple of one direction posters too

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