Three sister one who is 22 and the other two who 21 get adopted by none other than one direction well not all of them just Zayn read to fin out if this is a twist of fate or luck and follow the Castel sisters through their journey called life ps. Includes *self harm* and also *abusing*


3. getting to know the sisters

Bailee pov.

Hey my name is Bailee Castel and my bestfriends are Alexis and Lacey they are also my sisters we do everything together I mean everything anyway I have brownish hazel eyes and curly/wavy hair that's also sorta brown I'm also the tomboy and carefree one out of us. So that's me!!!!!!!!!!

Alexis pov,

Hey my name is alexis castel my bestfriends names are bailee and lacey. Bailee isna really good skateboarder and even better at singing and playng guitar lacey is really good at playing softball and I'm really funny at least that's what Lacey and bailee say oh yeah and did I mention that there also my sisters I forget to mention that a lot i haveblonde hair and blueish green eyes I really love swimming Bailee like softball so does Lacey we live in an orphanage because our parents were drunks and beat us.

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