Three sister one who is 22 and the other two who 21 get adopted by none other than one direction well not all of them just Zayn read to fin out if this is a twist of fate or luck and follow the Castel sisters through their journey called life ps. Includes *self harm* and also *abusing*


2. adoptions

Bailee's pov.

It's just another day I half to wake up and get everybody else up with lacey and Alexis but first I have to get a shower I look at the clock and it says it's 6 am. So I go to the bathroom and get a shower I put on my American flag wavy shirt my black jean shorts and my #swagg beni but I look at the clock and it's only 7 and I don't have to get the rest of the kids up till 8 so I grab my skateboard leave a note and go out the door. ( it's summer time so it's already light out)

I was riding down the street and I looked up and saw a limo so I guest shrugh it off I did some tricks and then went home at 7:45 so I could make breakfast because I'm the 2nd oldest I'm 21 Lacey's 21 and Alexis is 22 but I always get up before them anyway. So I finally finish breakfast and of course I made pancakes with wipe cream and syrup. I called eveybody down and we all ate I was talking to Alexis when the door bell rang the person that owns the adoption center came and got it aka.(mrs.poopface in my book but really her names mrs. Beckhan) I walked up to see who it was and she said eveybody come in the living room we have people who want to adopt one of you. We all got up and walked into the living room and line up of course Lacey's on my left and Alexis is on my right cause where the oldest anyway we waited for them to come in and I see one direction I mean the one and only ya I forgot to tell u I luv music and I also play guitar. They came and asked us questions when NIALL came up to me and said what's ur name and i say Bailee and he says that a beautiful name and then he says what's your hobbies and I say I skateboard, play a lot of sports, sing, and play guitar. I say and he says I luv to play guitar and sing of course he said with a giggle and say that's cool to him with a chuckle. He went up to the others and said that he wanted them to adopt me. And I got all my bags ready when I saw that lacey and Alexis were to and they said louis and Harry wanted to adopt them. And I said niall wanted to adopt me and we all hug because we won't get seperated.

Alexis pov.

Bailee always liked to think she gets up first so I just lay here listen to my fav band one direction and praying that we get adopted today just like I do every day but today it felt different like it might come true but what eves when i could smell food cooking but I waited for bailee to scream for us about 10 minutes later she did. About 5 minutes after we started eating the doorbell started to ring it was mrs. Poophead (mrs beckhan) she barges in and half shouts one of you is getting adopted today.Alexis pov.

Then one direction walks in I almost fainted right then an there. We all sat down me on one side of bailee and lacey on the other louis walked over to me harry walked over to lacey and niall to bailee he said hey beautiful whats you name I blushed a little and said Alexis, Alexis Castel but you can call me lexi if youd like we talked for a bit then he got up and walked over to the boys and said we need to adopt her and pointed to me I was probably blushing like a mad man after lacey and bailee ran over to me and both said at the same time I'm getting adopted I literly screamed omg me too we walked out to the limo that was awating us when we got in zayn said hi girls I was the one that adopted all three of you.

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