Red rebel

Im the girl with the bright vibrent red hair.I live by one moto and one moto only '"what dosen't kill u makes u stronger." Im 17 right now & im moving out of my parents house to an apartment which illl be living in from now on. Many people dont get why i want my own place because they dont get my life at all! I have been trying to leave this world for so long and i haven't sadly. I'm really looking forward to this move i wont have to listen to anyone amd ill live MY life how I want! I cant wait for the new life ahead of me...


9. Chapter 8

  While we were waiting for the pizza we started watching  a horror movie on netflix. We were sitting on the same bean bag in my livingroom. He was sitting straight forward and i was on his lap side to side. Durring the movie we would look at eachother thinking the other one wasent noticing. God he was so seriously he's perfect, his face, his body ;),and his personality. I wonder what he's thinking about right now.

  Derick's p.o.v.

damn she is smokin' hot. I love it how shes not insecure and dosent care what anybody thinks. I dont even know why i left her, she's everything i need. Before i liked her,but now i freakin love her. Should i tell her? Im not sure she probably wont care.

  <back to Jordan's p.o.v.

I turned and looked at him about to tell him that i lstill had feelings for him when the stupid door bell rung."ayee i guess the pizza is here" "yea ill go get it"he said. I got off of him and he did too after i did and then i got back on the beanbag. While he was walking to the door i couldn't help but look at his ass xD and the way he walked was pretty hot too. As he opened the door i noticed that it wasen't the pizza man cause Derick mad a questioning face and the person at the door asked "is jordan here?" who was it? The voice sounded familiar tho. Then Derick responded "who are you and why u do u need to see her?" "So she is here and i need to talk to her about why she ran off earlier." "Well she's busy talk to her some other day" Derick responeded slaming the door shut and walking up to me. This was the only thing i didn't like about him he was so rude to people,except me of course. "What was that all about?" "I dont know judt some dude asking for you" "well how did he look?" "He was riding a skateboard with some jeans and he had a quiff." He finished. "He dosen't sound familiar.." I said. "Well who cares i told him you were busy and to talk to you another day. Cause today your spending ur day with the guy of your dreams" as he said yhe last part he shuved/threw me to the ground so i was laying down and he nealed down on top of me and touched his abs seductively making me want him (thigs start to get dirty)and then he started grinding on me. I was getting pretty heated so he carried me to my room and layed me in bed and layed on top of me never separating our lips.He then grabbed my bra from the front (were the two sides connect) and just pulled it off and threw it across the room all the way to the other side. He then stared at my tits before sucking one while cupping the o ther in one hand. I just moaned in preasure. I decided to tease him so i put my hands on his back and just let them go down to his ass then i quickly moved them to his front and slidded my hands in his boxers. My hands were always cold so i grabbed his D with both hands and just pulled it making him let go of my boobs and jump off the bed and quickly pull down his boxers in a fast motion and drop them on the ground and jump back in bed with me.

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