Red rebel

Im the girl with the bright vibrent red hair.I live by one moto and one moto only '"what dosen't kill u makes u stronger." Im 17 right now & im moving out of my parents house to an apartment which illl be living in from now on. Many people dont get why i want my own place because they dont get my life at all! I have been trying to leave this world for so long and i haven't sadly. I'm really looking forward to this move i wont have to listen to anyone amd ill live MY life how I want! I cant wait for the new life ahead of me...


7. Chapter 6

  "Who's Derick?" Carter asked rignt away."He's my um...ex" i answered. "Ohh" was all carter responded. Just then Alex asked me a question that i didn't want anyone to ask me."do u still have feelings for Derick?" A thousand things just flushed through my whole mind many memories,conversations ,kisses ,makeout scenes,and most especially being in LOVE<3. We had the most amazing times enyone can even imagine. Our relationship was just beautiful.There really wasent an answer for that question. I kinda got out of my trance by hearing "earth to jordan." it was coming from carter & alex. "Wait,what?, oh i mean,no" was what i burst out saying. "Ok?" alex said questioningly. "Im gonna go talk to him"i stated. Walking out of the hallway we were in to the door and just walking out, whitout a word.

 The truth was that i wasent gonna go to Dericks i was gonna call Dericto come over to,my house. I drove to my house pretty happy actually.Even though i was mad before, i really didn't know why.As i arrived home i unlocked the door and ran inside straight to one of my living room bean bags. Instantly i had my phone out and was texting Derick

'hey can u come over?dinner at my house! Hope u can make it💕😘'

He responded after like 8 minutes.

'yea see u there gorgous<3;* send me ur address.'

He called me gorgous :) 

'2838 Palmwood st miami,FL cutie;)'

  Right after that i rushed to my room and in to my closetWhat to wear, What to wear? After trying on like 50 dresses i finally found one i liked. 

It was a short white lace dress with some brown covered heals ana gold chain and a braclet. I did my make up and quickly straightened my hair and curled my bangs to the side. Just when i was unpluging the straightner the door bell rang. Omg he's here i thought. I quickly looked at myself in the mirror making sure i looked ok and then i went to go open the door.Before i opened the door i took a deep breath and opened the door.There he stood very attractive might i add.

 He was wearing some skinny khakis with some boots and a burgendy sweater and brown belt. "You look beautiful as always" he winked checking me out. "and you look hot babe" i responded while puting my right hand aroud his neck pulling him inside.After i pulled him inside i let him go and closed the door. I turned around to being pinned to the door very close to him. He looked at my red lips and i stared at his soft looking lips. He then came in crushing his lips to mine.

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