Red rebel

Im the girl with the bright vibrent red hair.I live by one moto and one moto only '"what dosen't kill u makes u stronger." Im 17 right now & im moving out of my parents house to an apartment which illl be living in from now on. Many people dont get why i want my own place because they dont get my life at all! I have been trying to leave this world for so long and i haven't sadly. I'm really looking forward to this move i wont have to listen to anyone amd ill live MY life how I want! I cant wait for the new life ahead of me...


3. Chapter 3

15 minutes have past since i ordered my food. Now im sitting on one of 5 tables they have here. I had gotten bored so i was playing candy crush. After a while of that i got tired of it. I decided to go on Instagram!!! I saw that i had a direct message from Derick, my ex. Ugh what did he want? I thought. "Hey cutie, ur food i ready!"said the cute boy. "Yay" i said running up to the counter and getting the tray with my food on it. "Thanks" i told him while winking at him walking back to my table & taking a seat. "Hey hold up!" He screamed. I turned to his direction he quickly took off his red apron and opened the mini beside door to get to the other side of the restraunt. He then walked up to me "my shift is over mind if i join u?" He questioned. "Yea, of course" i flirted. "Ya know beautiful,i actually go by Mr.carter." "Well how would i know? U haven't told me anything about urself ,handsome." "Alright babe! My name is carter reynolds,Im canadian,im 19,i live with my mom,i like making vines or youtube videos,i like hanging out with my friends, and i like flirting with u" he explained blowing me a kiss at the end. I dramaticly i cought it with both hands and pretended i put it on my cheek. " u seem lika cool guy, my type if i might add." I winked by going on. "Well let me tell u about myself,my name is jordan hyse,im 18,i love fashion,and i just moved into an apartment by myself :),i practicly live on instagam, and im tooottaallyy single;)" i winked at the end. He responded by saying "so am i ,u want me to be ur prince?" He flirted back. "Duhh is it too much to ask?" I responded. "Of course not baby." He ended the conversation by hugging me. I of course hugged back (he smelled really good btw). When we let go i started eating my food. I also offered him some by waving the fork full of food in front of his adorable little face. He finally agreed and ate it. We were just laughing and having a good time. That was till i checked the time 5:40. "Shit we have been here for like two hours." "Wow really? I forgot to close up." "Yea lets go" "But then i won't see u again..."he said sadlly. I got out my pen and grabbed his hand and wrote in big letters 'call me cutie @ (383)321-1234 <3' he flashed me a happy smile and kissed my cheek before we both got in our cars. I blew him a kiss before closeing my door.

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