Red rebel

Im the girl with the bright vibrent red hair.I live by one moto and one moto only '"what dosen't kill u makes u stronger." Im 17 right now & im moving out of my parents house to an apartment which illl be living in from now on. Many people dont get why i want my own place because they dont get my life at all! I have been trying to leave this world for so long and i haven't sadly. I'm really looking forward to this move i wont have to listen to anyone amd ill live MY life how I want! I cant wait for the new life ahead of me...


2. Chapter 2

  Who could be at the door? I mean i know for sure its not my parents,and there the only ones that know i moved. I ran to the door and opened it slightly making sure it wasen't some burguler. It wsen't.. It was just the mail man! Oh i felt stupid'~'. "Hello" he greeted."i was just wondering what your name is so i can deliver all your mail to u." "Oh thanks, and my name is jordan hyse." I answered. "Well thank you all of your mail will be delivered to you here starting tommorow!"he said. "Alrighty thanks" i replied then closed the door. "Im hungry" i thought. I know i think there might be some fast food place two blocks from here. I'll go there. I walked to my room to change. I choose on a grey hoodie that said obey in baby blue. For bottoms i got out some plain denim skinny jeans. And for shoes i slipped on my grey uggs. I had a messy bun from earlier but it was fine. so i just grabbed my phone and wallet and keys. I walked out the door and locked it behind me. (I lived on the bottom appartment) i walked to my car and unlocked it and got inside. I turned my car on and started driving.

  I drove down two blocks to the center thing and saw that to eat there was only a starbucks and a little chinese restraunt. I decided to go in there. I parked and got out . I walked up to the door of the shop,and opened it which made it do that Annoying bell sound. I walked up to the counter  and loked up to the menu. I wanted noodles with orange chicken! I thought excited. I then got interupted by some cute boy making a racket walking up to the counter from what im guessinng is the freezer. "Hi,Have u decided on what u wanna order?" He asked with a cute Side smirk. " yea,noodles and orange chicken please!" I answered. "Ok ill be right back with ur order cutie." He said. Oh so he likes to flirt huh? Then i will too. ;)



sorry for a short chapter guys but i ran out of time :( ill post the rest tomm!

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