Red rebel

Im the girl with the bright vibrent red hair.I live by one moto and one moto only '"what dosen't kill u makes u stronger." Im 17 right now & im moving out of my parents house to an apartment which illl be living in from now on. Many people dont get why i want my own place because they dont get my life at all! I have been trying to leave this world for so long and i haven't sadly. I'm really looking forward to this move i wont have to listen to anyone amd ill live MY life how I want! I cant wait for the new life ahead of me...


1. Chapter 1

                      Jordan's p.ov.

  Today is the day! I'm finally gonna get to move out of this dongeon aka. My parents house.After years of wanting to leave i guess thae time has come! I'm just really excited & u might think im crazy, but im just wierd. Here are some things about me if u were wondering. I like to dye my hair extreme colors ,get tattos(even though im not allowed),and i just love fashion. I like haveing that comtrast of clothes just pop out. I'm single asf  but im not looking for a guy im waiting for the guy to find me. I wanna find my true love that ill be with for the rest of my life. Ive went out with some guys but never really had a serious relationship, maybe thats why im so immature.

  Alrighty im packed and ready to go i grabbed the last box i had left in my room and picked it up, i was about to leave when i turned around and said "im going to miss this place,sike,later uguly room" i laughted closing the door and heading to the stairs. I was watching my step i didnt wanna fall down and die i was actually leaving, nothing was stoping me now. As i reached the bottom of the stairs i walked to the front door and opened it and slamed it close. I then ran to my car i had gotten the year before since my parents were tired of driving me everywhere. I opened the door and put the box in the car and ruushed in the drivers seat. I turned on the engine and off i was in the distance without a care in the world.

  I arrived to my apartment 2 hours later and put all of my stuff inside. I was laying on my big bean bag exsauted from carring everything inside. No all i needed was to fix my room and the living room,ugh. I got up and set the tv in place on the big wall in the livingroom. I then grabbed my three green bean bags and put the in the middle of the living room in kind of a curve position.  Then i grabbed my big long see through self and placed it across the back wall of the living room. I had a big green vase with purple and pink flowers inside and put it on the center of the shelf. I had one last thing for the living room a big cheattah print rug, i placed it in front of the bean bags. The room looked kinda empty but it would do.

  Now to my room! I had already fixed my bed to the far left corner.i had my huge mirror shelf thing(idk what its called) with my makeup on the left side against the wall next to the door that was in the right corner. I put all of my clothes in my closet and shelfs. I had another one i put it on the opposite side of the bed. I had a little rug that was purple i placed it in the middle of the room. I grabbed my green chair and put it close to the rug with a huge stuffed bear i like to call big bear on it. My bed cover was bright neon green with purple and blue pain splashes. I looks sick. I also have a bunch of pillows on it in the same colors. Lastly i put my beside table next to my bed and placed my phone and charged it. I was done!

*knock knock* the bell rang but who could it be?...

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