I'm in love with a viner-a Hayes Grier fanfic

There are not many fanfic so about the Magcon guys but here is one!
Helena is a 13 year old that is smart, beautiful (doesn't believe it), and doesn't know a lick about magcon. Her friend gets ill and can't go to magcon so she sends the only other homeschooled friend (BFFs) to magcon to find Hayes. Will hayes love her *click* or nawhh


9. Shopping

I look in the mirror to see my tumblr look pineapple tank top, vans, and some white shorts (not highwasted I'm too long leggedid ) I have my sunglasses on my head on my natural wavy hair. I have some blush,mascara, and some natural eyeshadow. I don't like looking like I caked makeup on my face. I am satisfied with my look and leave coach purse strapped across my body with my phone in hand. "Mahogany" I say she walks out with high with kinda ripped shorts and a magcon  shirt with her cat ears. I smile "ready?" We ask each other at the same time. " we laugh I nod she said "yes lego" mahogany drove us there and when we got there a few people stared probly magcon fans "put your shades on " she said we put our shades on and got out of the car. Some girls pointed at there phone and at mahogany we head strait to nordstrom first we went to the juniors I try on so much stuff and bought all of it. Mahogany did the same thing but we bought more when we went downstairs to the woman's section of coarse I had to find xs  and s but I still found stuff! We went to Starbucks than urban outfitters and more. "Hey I bought you a bunch of magcon gear" she smiled at me. I hugged her and said thank you. " your like a big sister to me" I said to her " I was thinking you where my lil sister" she replyed. I smile big and we carry all the bags to the car and went back to some stores to pick up the stuff and carried then to the car. We get in the car and head home the boys help take the clothes to my closet. My closet is a size of a store it was huge everyone was looking at all my clothes when Aaron comes in saying " I'm hungry !" I reply " let's go eat then!"

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