I'm in love with a viner-a Hayes Grier fanfic

There are not many fanfic so about the Magcon guys but here is one!
Helena is a 13 year old that is smart, beautiful (doesn't believe it), and doesn't know a lick about magcon. Her friend gets ill and can't go to magcon so she sends the only other homeschooled friend (BFFs) to magcon to find Hayes. Will hayes love her *click* or nawhh


13. NYC magcon

sI walk on stage "who wants to see the boys" I say the girls scream "yo mahogany do you think they really want them?" She replys with a "nope" I say " ok lemme ask again who wants to see them!" I scream they scream loud I cover my ears " y'all hurt my ears " I smile "here they are !" They run out and I stand next to mahogany I hand Cameron a microphone "thanks Helena " and they did their thing until Hayes said "do we have any dancers " some girls raise their hands I run up on stage "I'm a dancer " he asked "wanna perform something?" I nod and went to mahogany I ran back up and got in my position. I looked up and started doing my hip hop thing I start to look like a boss when the bass drops people are screaming I then do a front flip and end. I smiled due to the awesome attention I got. "Wait can you walk in slow motion again?" A girl screams when it got silent "ok!" I said I walked in slow motion and did some other things. The crowd went wild I smiled "thank you " I said and the boys continued " wait who can truely dance and are like her 3 girls raised their hands I went into the crowd and got them I pulled them back stage and said "hey I'm Helena and what are yours?" One pretty blonde said "Amy" the black hair girl said " Oliva" the dirty blonde said "Claire " I smiled "nice to meet you now show me what you got one at a time" Amy steeps up and does the nae nae goes back and starts to tut and do some cool moves Oliva kinda did the same but she did the jerk instead of the nae nae but out of them all Claire was the best all were 16 so I felt awkward cause I was better than them but oh well. I pulled them back out and Nash stopped talking "here they are!" I got a micro phone "this is Claire Amy and Oliva we are going to do a dance battle!" I said me and Claire got on one side and Oliva and Amy on the other the boys chose their side. The song jerk came on and I jumped out so did carter. I did the jerk and did some other stuff and ended In a front flip. Next was Claire and Oliva Claire beat her by doing the jerk better the other boys attempted but no I jumped out right as she said "last song " the song talk dirty came on it was me Amy. I started doing parts of my dance when her and I circled each other I did this gas peddle looking thing (not super inappropriate) and stood up and tutted and did the charleston and she got beat when I started to break dance. I jumped up and I asked the crowd "who won" I pointed toward them then us "I think you won " mahogany said cheers where everywhere. I helped take pictures of the girls and we left. 

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