I'm in love with a viner-a Hayes Grier fanfic

There are not many fanfic so about the Magcon guys but here is one!
Helena is a 13 year old that is smart, beautiful (doesn't believe it), and doesn't know a lick about magcon. Her friend gets ill and can't go to magcon so she sends the only other homeschooled friend (BFFs) to magcon to find Hayes. Will hayes love her *click* or nawhh


24. Not so fairy tale

I'm tired I get up and look at the clock it's 10:30 shittttttttt! "Crap Hayes get up" we have to be at the movie thing in 30 min he runs out of bed we get dressed I do my fast makeup. And I do my hair which suprisingly took only 16 min we have only 5 min Hayes fixed his hair we grab everything and get our happy little buts out the door. " Hayes you forgot to set the alarm!" I said with a smile he then gives me a weird grin "sorry" we set off and got there in time suprisingly. Fans around everywhere I was in a skater pink and white dress and wedges. The fans go insane as we stepped out of our car we wave I kiss Hayes and they go more insane he whispered with a grin "you wanted to see what they would do" I smile and nod he nudges me. We walk in I see fans taking selfies so I run over there and make a silly face. There was a 13 year old girl I went up to her and said "do you want me to take it I have a better angle" she gasped and nodded I get her phone and take a picture with her and we both make a silly face and she says "thank you " I nod and smile I find Hayes and take my vlogging camera out I hold it up and say "hey what's up y'all I am with Hayes meeting y'all at the movie premier and y'all are freaking awesome" I see Hayes and whisper " start the wave" he starts the wave I video tape it and put the camera away. " now we answer questions and then leave ok" he said I smile and nod and kiss him " first interviewer 12 o'clock" I say we turn toward her she had a microphone in hand E network I see score " hi I'm Jennifer you too are Helena and Hayes" we nod "so I have to say we have some questions if you have time " she says I say back "of coarse anything" she then asks "ok one fan asked Hayes what's your favorite dance move Helena does" I turn toward Hayes " umm I love her dances but her slow motion or her tutt or her mix " he says with a smile I kiss his cheek "what's a mix " she says I look at her and say "1 sec" I take my heels off and do a mix of my favorite dance moves I then put my heels back on " the ground was hot "
The reporter smiled and said "that's amazing another question this is my last one Helena what is your favorite tradition you to do " I look at Hayes " I think cooking or like once a month we face one of our fears or we go ziplineing in different place" she gives me a smile and says "thank you two " we then walk off " I don't feel that well" he looks at me with a scared face " ok 1 more than we will leave" he said as he looked at the Fox News reporter right in front of me "ok "I whisper we walk up to him "Helena Hayes I have to ask your opinion on some political issues" I look at Hayes with a weak smile "I apoligize we have not been able to keep up with the news lately so I don't want to speak my opinion on a issue that I have no information about"  I pause "I promise next time I'll talk to y'all I love your news channel though" the guy looked surprised "ok thank you" we nod "no thank you" Hayes said. Hayes wrapped his arm around my waist to help me into the car "you ok " he asked "yes I just felt weird around everyone and I didn't eat so I felt sick" I said with a weak smile he smirks and said "to Starbucks and chickfala" we drive to Starbucks and had to park we walk inside to see some fan girls "can you please get me a venti refresher thank you bab" I walk over to the screaming girls and say "hi are y'all ok cause I heard y'all screaming" they nod I laugh "you ok it's all over twitter that you left" a 16 year old girl with blond hair said "wow news spread quick " I smile and continue "I didn't feel well cause I haven't ate in a while so I felt super sick" they hugged me and said "get well Helena" I squat down and take a picture with the group of girls and we all took a picture together standing. "Love you guys" they walk over and show me the pictures and hashtag #getwellsoonhelenaboo and all of them hashtag it was world trending! That's so insane I started to vlog and I introduced all the girls and talked to them and then put my camera up and waited for Hayes as he approached I kissed him meet you babes " I blow kisses and get in the car "chickfala now "
------2 hours later----
"Sorry for messing your movie thing up " I say as Hayes sits on the other side of the couch and says "it's fine I'm a little sad cause sometimes I feel like you always kiss me in front of the camera but without the camera would you still?" He paused "you know what I mean " I nod and say "honey I love you I do all the time no cameras if still do it and plus " I pause and crawl over to him and continue "would i do this if I didn't love you" I kiss him passionately as I hover over him he smiles and so do I he pulls my face to his I stop hovering and kiss him but my buts in the air weird position "love you bab" Hayes says I go to our room and take my fancy cloths off and put on some lazy clothes on ( you thought if say something else no you dirty minded people). Hayes does the Same but he stares at me while I change and wraps his arms around me when I'm done " creeper" I kiss his cheek he gets in his bball shorts and no shirt his 8 pack was sticking out and his hair is a mess i thought id die from all the sexy ness. He looked up and said "what's wrong" I then noticed my mouth was open I closed it and said "nothing" he gave me a million dollar smile I sit next to him on the couch leaning into him. For about 2 min we looked into each other's eyes " have I ever told you your eyes are well amazing " I told him "I don't know but have I ever told you i love your eyes they have a dark green outline a greenish blue inside and a gold ring around the pupil it's just well.,,.. Beautiful and don't get me started about your lips they are perfect size perfect shape it's amazing " he said with a smile "thank you " I said as he leaned in to kiss me I put my finger over his lips " I'm not done yet Hayes not only are your eyes perfect but your body is too you are the sexiest man alive" I paused "now we can kiss" his lips crash into mine almost making me fall back. We kissed untill we could not breath and then we stopped to breath then kissed again. Now you would picture this as a perfect world but it's not not all story's have great times like what was about to happen. After we cuddle I say "don't touch me" he looked confused "I'm on my freaking period don't touch me I found a period and well I'm cramping bad and I'm in a comfy position so unless you want me to kill you in your sleep let me stay here. He shifted off the couch and laughed. "Wow I was like uh did I do something wrong?" Hayes said "ok I'll go to the store and buy you your products" I smiled at his comment "best BF ever!" He blew a kiss when he left. 

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