I'm in love with a viner-a Hayes Grier fanfic

There are not many fanfic so about the Magcon guys but here is one!
Helena is a 13 year old that is smart, beautiful (doesn't believe it), and doesn't know a lick about magcon. Her friend gets ill and can't go to magcon so she sends the only other homeschooled friend (BFFs) to magcon to find Hayes. Will hayes love her *click* or nawhh


20. Model (about to be 21)

2 years later

Helena's POV 
20 right now and living the life in California. Hayes hit it big time after that movie and now is famous worldwide. I currently model for nordstrom. When they ask me for a design I give it to them but currently I'm a model. Nash and Cameron also hit big time They are both movie stars/models. The other boys differ like Matt hit big time but Carter didn't. I keep in touch with all of the boys still. But anyway it's about to be my 21 birthday and I'm excited hayes is already 21 but waiting for me to drink. Anyway today is special because Hayes and I are both going to a photoshoot together like we r the models. "Are you ready?" I hear Hayes say. I run down stairs "yeah I just have to grab something" I grab a box and hand it to him "this was the day we met a few days before my birthday" I said with a smile he turned around with a small box In his hand "here open mine first" I hand him the box he unwraps it and it holds a bunch of male things like cologne, football things, ect. He picked up the note I wrote him I said "unfold it" he unfolds the paper to revel a 5 feet long sheet of paper it says '101 things I love about you' he sets the box down and kisses me we stop to take a breath and he said "thank you so much I love you" I smile he says "close your eyes" I cover my eyes with my hands he holds up a sheet of paper " I told them this was your dream and it was our 8th year anniversary of the day we met so they said they'd love it" he said into my ear i opened my eyes to see the words 'Helena and Hayes will be on the Ellen Show ... ' I stopped reading and screamed "omg I love you" I jump into his arms and kiss him I couldn't stop I loved him "Helena wait untill later we have to get to the photoshoot" he said with a grin. I couldn't stop smiling I squeled he looks at me like I'm crazy "sorry it's been my lifelong dream to be on the Ellen show" I said he laughed "that's why I did it" I smile as we drive to the photoshoot. Like a gentlemen Hayes opens the car door, the building door and the last door for me. I wave at the woman's who's running this her name is Sarah "darling your early" Sarah said in her British accent. Now let's get this straight it is real. Anyway I smile and said " yes mam I wanted to make sure we were on time!" I said with a smile "you must be Hayes!" She exclaimed as she held out her hand "yes mam you must be Sarah Helena told me about you don't worry good things" he said as we do a mini laugh thing he shook her hand and hugged me. "You too are just.." She sighed and pretends to look like she's dreaming "adorable just darling" we smile as I kiss his cheek. "Did you know it's our anniversary of the day we met! 8 years in about month is our 7 year anniversary of us dating" Hayes said charmingly looking into my eyes. I loved his eyes i could see them from a mile away they are bright icy blue but it looks like he is happy and kind. We stare into each other's eyes for a while and I heard a muffled sound I snap out of it and say "what?" Sarah smiles and says "makeup time" Hayes looks at me like and says "uhhh" I said "they won't put much on you ok" he smiles and nods and follows the makeup artist. I see a pretty red hair girl running toward me "Jane!" I say and she jumps up and down and squels "Helena!" We hug and say "I missed you!" At the same time. Sarah says "Jane give Helena a romantic look" jane nods "we want to keep your natural beauty" I say "thanks!" We walk over to her table she says "wash her hair" she talks to me as this man washed my hair "ok let's do the makeup while he drys your hair she handed me earphones "you remembered!" I say I hate the sound of a hair dryer weird fact. I listen to alternative music like two door cinema club and passion pit I like listening to old music. She takes the earplugs out and says "makeup" I sit still as she talks about what she's been doing she turns me around and I face the mirror. "Wow" I say as I touch my face making sure this is real I follow jane to the dressing room to see some free people and guess clothing I'm modeling for Nordstrom. I put on the one dress it was a black cutout dress and I picked some pumps. Jane gasps and says "amazing" I smiled and curtsied "thanks" Hayes walks out in a tuxedo and looks at me. I messed with my hair (I mess with my dirty blond hair a lot and when I say mess I mean adjust my bang). " hey honey" I said he smiled that million dollar smile " I would kiss you but I have red lipstick on" I said while giggling "no kissing or touching unless I say" Sarah says jokingly we walk out to the white background wall thing with a red couch with deep tufting sitting in the middle he smirks "let's do this" and claps his hands together " let's get started" Sarah said 

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