I'm in love with a viner-a Hayes Grier fanfic

There are not many fanfic so about the Magcon guys but here is one!
Helena is a 13 year old that is smart, beautiful (doesn't believe it), and doesn't know a lick about magcon. Her friend gets ill and can't go to magcon so she sends the only other homeschooled friend (BFFs) to magcon to find Hayes. Will hayes love her *click* or nawhh


18. Love

We take all the boxes to the car. My mom walks in her hair is grayer but her style is still amazing. "Honey I have a suprise for you" she said like  she's in song. I run down stairs in comfortable clothes. "Yes mom you need to stop buying me things I can afford th..." She stops me "you have a private plane in a little bit and it has all your things" she smiled I embrace her I start crying happy tears "thank you so much" and then I look serious into her eyes "mom don't give me anything more I have a lot of money due to my job I want Hayes and I to do this we need to become responsible" I say and give her a hug she nods and says "I love you" I grab my suitcases full of clothes and give her a final hug "I will call you when we r on the plane and get there" I say. I leave with Hayes he kisses me and said "you excited?" I give him a huge smile. "Yes!" We get on the plane with everything packed. The plane was amazing it seemed so unrealistic. Like it felt like a movie. Hayes and I sat in the back part and it's the more room part of the plane the front is food and drinks. I go to the front grabbed us a large cookies and cream milk shake. I get a straw and a napkin. " look what I got" I hold up the milkshake he smiles "you and my favorite drink it couldn't get any better" we sit down. The pilot could to us and says "hi I'm joe I have flied for 15 years and I fly your mom around a lot she is very nice but any way we will probly be in NYC in a few hours" he says and he goes back to the front I sit down next to Hayes and hand him the milkshake. He says "thanks babe" I smile and lean into him the whole time we talked I can't sleep on planes and he usely doesn't. We were about to land so we got our stuff together. Around us he looked me in the eyes and said " I love you" I smiled and said "I love you more" we kissed for as long as we could and then we hugged each other and looked out the window looking in the place we started to date. "It's amazing you never see this in Texas" I said he smiled "that's why NYC is awesome" he said. We see the buildings,the parks, and the cabs speeding down the road. I love New York. We land and get our suitcases and had To get a few people to help. We got a giant truck to rent for a week we put everything in the truck and lucky fit everything. Cameron and Nash are bringing the two cars to NYC so for now this truck and the subway are our only choses of transportation. We live in the suburban part have you ever watched the show Suberbatory yeah it looks something like that. We get to the house and it looks amazing ,we unpack and surprisingly get all of it done due to the early flight. Our house looks and feels like my home , our home. Hayes wraps his arms around me "you like it?" I nod "anyway when are you going to addition for that movie called Matched?" I asked he replyed "tomorrow" i smiled "you excited everybody knows your getting the part of Ky I mean he has dark hair you have dark hair and don't forget your hot!" I said he smiled "you know it!" He said while flexing and posing. "Oh and here you got this letter yesterday I read it I wanted to make you happy today so here" he smiled And handed me a letter. I read it out loud "Dear miss.Rose, we invite you through this letter to this summer in California to come and model for our athletic magazine for Nordstrom we fully understand that you design for us already but this will not effect you. Thank you Helena please reply soon." I drop the note and squeal and jump into his arms my legs wrapped around him. I kiss him all over his face (pecking). He then slowly brought one of his hands up and kissed me not a peck but a long kiss. I don't like to use the term "make out" but that's what we did. He then stopped and said "let me show you something he held me bride style while I leaned into his warm chest. He put me down and covered my eyes hd then said "suprise" into my ear as he pulled his hands away to revel a indoor pool/hot tub I again kissed him and I said "let's swim" he replyed "but our swim suits are with cam and Nash" i replyed mischievously "who said we were using bathing suits?" 

Hayes POV 

"Who said we were using bathing suits?" She said with a grin. I then saw her take off her shirt and pants to reveal her in her underwear. And jumped in the hot tub with her hair in a bun. "Are you coming?" She said I then threw my shirt off and my basketball shorts to reveal me in my boxers. I step in the hot water and sit next to her she sits in my lap and kisses my cheek she whispers in my ear "I will love you forever" I said the same thing back to her. I loved her she was perfect . She then leaned in for a single Kiss but it turned into the term makeout session. Then we were gasping for air I splashed her with water she said "really you ruined the moment and splashed me back it then turned into a total water war. I then grabbed her from behind turned her around and kissed her. She again took me in we kinda repeated this all night untill we were watching a movie. We started haveing a serious makeout session when I started kissing her neck lets just say we lost our VCard but it was the best day of my whole f***ing life. It wasn't nasty and like rough it was nice and pleasent. I love her

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