I'm in love with a viner-a Hayes Grier fanfic

There are not many fanfic so about the Magcon guys but here is one!
Helena is a 13 year old that is smart, beautiful (doesn't believe it), and doesn't know a lick about magcon. Her friend gets ill and can't go to magcon so she sends the only other homeschooled friend (BFFs) to magcon to find Hayes. Will hayes love her *click* or nawhh


2. Finally

I saw him he was beautiful his eyes where icy blue I went up to him

he looked exhausted " Hey please tell me you are" I check my note "Hayes Grier right if not I just been standing in line for nothing" he put on a fake smile and sat down " would you like to sit " his voice sweet but tired" I replyed "no I need to say something I have no idea who you are here is a video explaing everything he watched at my best friend Jen talking I hand him the envelope " how do I know your not lying" he said "I just am not I'm telling the truth I'm homeschooled and am 'cut off from society '" I said with a smile "I could tell because you said my name wrong" he chuckles"  it's Grier" I apologized "it's fine! Hey do you want me to read the note she said there was a suprised so I'm excited" he said I smiled as he did A weird dance. I laughed and thought no wonder Jen likes him " open it just don't read it to me she said it was private. But little did I know Jen gave Hayes Grier my phone number but that comes up later he hugged me and said tell your friend I love her too I embraced him and them he asked "what's your name ?" After that we could not stop talking we talked for hours we where the only ones and that's where I met the magcon boys.   " Hayes what are you doing im

hungry a very very very attractive guy with brown hair whinnies while walking around the corner "Hayess...... Hey who is this?" He questioned politely "she's.." I stoped Hayes " I'm Helena and you are?" Cameron looked at Hayes and me then back to Hayes and me again I outstretched my hand he grabbed my hand and shook it "I'm Cameron... Cameron Dallas so are you a magcon fan" he asked with a smile "uhh" I turned toward Hayes who stood up and explained everything. But that's not all that's when I saw 7 guys sprinting around the corner and came to a stop then a fewseconds later a guy I later found outs name was Nash came running around the corner with whipped cream all over his face he looked at me and I held back the urge to laugh. "I'm going to fucccc....." He came to a stop "hey" he said sounding a bit akward. I waved and this time Cameron explained everything Hayes stepped in frount and said "Helena this is Taylor,Nash my brother, Carter, Aaron, Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson , shawn,and Matthew!" Then there came a pretty girl walking around the corner "oh and that's Mahogany!" She smiled I shook all their hands and Mahogany embraced me with a hug. " you look so cute where did you get your outfit" she exclaimed " I designed this myself and my mom is a fashion designer too have you heard of the store Nordstom?" I replyed "Yes!" "That's my mom she is the head designer of nordstrom" she replyed " That is so cool!" "Girls before you get lost is girl talk I'm hungry and I need food so Helena would you like to eat with us?" Nash asked I stood there smiling "of coarse I would love to thank y'all" I smiled that's when we took off


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