I'm in love with a viner-a Hayes Grier fanfic

There are not many fanfic so about the Magcon guys but here is one!
Helena is a 13 year old that is smart, beautiful (doesn't believe it), and doesn't know a lick about magcon. Her friend gets ill and can't go to magcon so she sends the only other homeschooled friend (BFFs) to magcon to find Hayes. Will hayes love her *click* or nawhh


23. Ellen

I put on my dress and makeup while listening to a old song called "carried away" passion pit. "Princess you ready?" Hayes said "I have to put on my heels " I put them on and walk down the stairs purse in hand "no words can explain how beautiful you look" I smile at his comment "you ready to meet Ellen" i said "yeah!" He replyed.
We arrive at the set dressed out and everyone greets us and there are some vine fans there. "Makeup is over here " the guy showing us around said "not again" Hayes said sartasticly. I was in a black Gucci cutout dress and pumps. About 20 min later :
Ok here we go ok calm down Helena " your on in 3,,2,,1" Ellen starts to talk and about 5 min later I hear "walk out" I hold Hayes hand smile kiss his cheek and walk over to my queen Ellen. I give her a hug and sit down and take a deep breath "Helena Hayes nice to see you" Ellen says with a smile. 
This is how the talk went down:
HG-Hayes H-Helena E-Ellen 

H-hey I need a second to calm down I just hugged the Ellen 
*crowd laughs* 
E-ha that's so sweet I have to say you two are the perfect and cutest couple
HG- thank you 
*Kisses my cheek*
E-that's so cute so I have a question how did you two meet?
HG-ok you want me to say
HG- ok so we were 13 years old and she came to magcon for her friend who was sick bad because her only wish was to go to magcon. Well Helena had no clue what to do but luckily she got there last and she got to meet me last so we talked for hours then we went to dinner with all the other magcon people. It was only about 1 year later we started dating. 
E-wow that's awesome story so did you get a lot of negative comments saying she is a fan tricking you?
H-yes we did their were some people who were mad and said some pretty bad stuff but we chose to ignore it. 
E-how cute so I heard Hayes your in a tv show now
HG- yes it's so much fun
E- yes i know and Helena your like a super woman she's a model a designer!
She's like the new Beyoncé!
H- thank you so much! 
HG- finally someone noticed! 
E- I understand that you two have been dating for 7 years 
HG- 7 years and a half 
E-right so after the break we will talk about your relationship and we may play a game! The singing game! 
Ok ok Helena calm down the cameras were off or whatever Ellen said to us "you two are so cute" we said thanks to her we had a small conversation and then got ready to continue here we go
E- ok I have a few questions from the crowd due to the excessive amount of fans scream if your a fan
*the crowd is very very loud* 
H- ohhhh crap y'all just burst my ear drum 
HG- what did you say?
E-wow that's impressive 
HG-what I can't hear you?
H- he lost his hearing way to go guys
E- *screaming* can you hear me now
HG- yeah 
E- good cause we are about to play the singing game!
****5 hours later****
"I'm tired" I say as I walk into the house and take off my heels Hayes loosened his shirt and unbuttoned his shirt as I take my dress off and keep on my underwear. He was in his basketball shorts. I put my hair in a bun and wash off my makeup "you should just stay like that all day" Hayes said into my ear "you look pretty" I said "thanks" I throw on a loose shirt and hop into bed. He lays next to me and we cuddled "thank you for the Ellen thing" I said for the Hundredth time "welcome" he said tiredly. "Goodnight honey" I said "night" he replys with a tired smile.

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