I'm in love with a viner-a Hayes Grier fanfic

There are not many fanfic so about the Magcon guys but here is one!
Helena is a 13 year old that is smart, beautiful (doesn't believe it), and doesn't know a lick about magcon. Her friend gets ill and can't go to magcon so she sends the only other homeschooled friend (BFFs) to magcon to find Hayes. Will hayes love her *click* or nawhh


19. Da boys come

Helena's POV
Last night was like the fault in our stars. You know that one scene after they went to that museum. Yeahhhhh that's what Happend it was exactly like that. Any way I wake up to see those beautiful blue eyes staring at me. My toes where cold so I cuddled in with him with a blanket "good morning" I said he replyed with "good morning beautiful" I smile and took the blanket from him to wrap around my half naked body. I get dressed and when I was putting on my makeup he walks in looking nice I said "have fun getting that role" I said he wrapped his arms around me "have fun dealing with Nash and Cameron" I kissed his cheek "thanks" I said "Got to go" he said he kissed me and took the rental car. About 2 hours later Nash got there with Cameron behind him. "Hey" I said while giving them a hug "How is Hayes Is he doing the movie thing now?" Cameron asked "yeah he is Thanks for bringing the cars" I said happily. "Welcome anything for Helena boo" Nash said while tickling me. "Stop it" I repeated then I punched him "seriously stop it" I said with a straight face. "Dang girl your strong" Nash said while Cameron high fived me. "You know PROTEIN!" I said. They laughed Nash was confused at first then he started to laugh so hard he cryed. "Anyway" Nash said wiping away tears "so when are you two going to California?" He asked "this summer which is about a month we want to see which one we like better that's why we brought little things and rented it" I said. Nash nodded "wanna get some coffee?" Cameron asked. we then left got some coffee walked around and came back that's when Hayes called saying "can you pick me up I returned the rental" I told him yes of coarse and we left. Nash in shot gun Cameron in the back it was nonstop complaining and laughs. My poor range rover luckily made it through that 10 min trip. We pulled up the the rental car place to see Hayes with a smile. I say "Nash get your butt out of shot gun" he looks at me and pouts "I don't wanna" I look at him "again Nash get your happy little ass out of that seat" he gets up and Hayes gets in "very charming baby" Hayes said I kissed him and Cameron said "ewwww cooties!" I stick my tounge out and start blasting 'This is How We Do It' Nash and i were rapping while Hayes and Cameron were just being backups. We get home and Hayes said "dont move Helena" I stay in the seat he runs around the car and opens the driver seat door for me and picks me up and carries me inside. I'm suprised he can love me and do stuff that cause I'm tall, have a six pack, I'm not pretty, I'm not a model, I'm strong, but it might sound good but it's not it might be good for a guy but NOT FOR A GIRL. Hayes sees how insecure I am and does little stuff like that to make me feel better. I was lost in thought when I saw those icy blue eyes that i love so much. "Thanks" I say before I kiss him passionately. "Get a room" Nash said I rolled my eyes and hop on Hayes back."hey y'all I'll make some food what do you want?" I said while turning up some music mixes I made. "I'm in the mood for hmmm... Chicken" Hayes said the other boys nodded "ok I'll do spinach, like breaded chicken and a lemony sauce and mash potatoes" i said getting out everything. I started to dance a little and that's when I said "Let's play a game so I can socialize while cooking" that's when Cameron said "truth or dare" I nodded " I'll go first I said "Nash truth or dare?" He paused "dare" I smile "I dare you to to let me tweet off your tweeter" he hestitantly handed me his phone "I am going to tweet 
'I am so sorry to tell you this but Helena is my queen and mahogany is just a princess so sorry mahogany and I eat poop love your boy Nash ' I know it's lame but I didn't want to like use bad words "I said he smiles. "Cameron T or D" It went on for 45 min when I was doing the spinach and potatoes. "Helena Truth or dare " Cameron said I look up "truth" he looks at me with a grin. "Are you a virgin" Hayes and I look at each other our faces turning red. "Nope" I answer quickly I look up to see Nash and Cameron freaking out and Hayes walks up to me and kisses my cheek and then my lips. I got him dirty because I had my apron on so his black shirt had white powder on it. "Love you" he said while hugging me from behind for about 15 min Nash and Cameron was too occupied complaining and acting weird to notice us. I finished the food and set the table and gave them their food. "This is so good" Nash said with potatoes stuffed in his mouth "thanks" I replyed "my mom taught me how to cook" I said. "She taught you really well then " Hayes said. Cameron was starving so he didn't say a word except for a thumbs up. He was starving I guess. Hayes And I washed the dishes while Nash and Cameron tell us about well everybody. I show them the two rooms for them "so I have a question" Cameron pauses "do you plan on staying NYC or California" I think about it "personally I would chose California but I wanted to try NYC " I said he nodded "Hayes told me about your new job" and he held a thumbs up. "Thanks good night Cameron" I hug him and then said night to Nash. I see Hayes he smiles and we walk down the hall to our bed room "I think the same " he said "that we would fit in better in California " he looks at me "we should sell this house thing we brought like nothing here we can move to California now" he said as we walked into the bedroom "yeah I'd like that" I said he smiled and leaned in toward my ear and whispered "anyway I have my movie in Hollywood" I smiled and kissed him for a long time and pecked all over his face until Hayes said "one sec" he pulled away to close the door and went to the closet and changed at the same time I did. Hayes and I don't wear underwear in bed because if someone were to walk in it would get awkward. Anyway I throw on a tank and athletic shorts and hop In bed. Hayes slowly gets in bed and turns me around and pulls me to his chest and whispers "love you" I say the same thing back kiss him and fall asleep in his arms. 

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