I'm in love with a viner-a Hayes Grier fanfic

There are not many fanfic so about the Magcon guys but here is one!
Helena is a 13 year old that is smart, beautiful (doesn't believe it), and doesn't know a lick about magcon. Her friend gets ill and can't go to magcon so she sends the only other homeschooled friend (BFFs) to magcon to find Hayes. Will hayes love her *click* or nawhh


21. 21 honey

{[did you notice it's Helena's 21 bday and it's the 21 chapter if so claps to you]}

Yesterday was awesome our pictures were amazing. Anyway it's my birthday my 21 I can drink yeahhhhhh! I'm not gonna get drunk don't worry I'm not that type of person. Only one glass of wine. My life goal is wait till I'm 25 to get drunk. I wake up to see a beautiful breakfast in bed. "Thanks Hayes" I said with a smile he kisses my cheek "your welcome 21 year old " I smile and eat I finish when Hayes sighs and said "your reservation tonight has been messed up they messed up the time they put down 9 am not pm" I smile and say "it's fine me and you we drink wine and eat pizza tonight" he nods "we can go to this coffee shop it's supposedly nice but it's a hour away " I smile "I'd love to go " he smiled "awesome we leave at 2" 
5:00 pm 
We drive into the driveway " that was amazing!" I said "happy 21 princess" he says kissing me we get out of the car and walk inside it was pitch black "SURPRISE!" The lights turn on and my best friends pop out I jump back and laugh "thank you" I scream. Connor Franta (my besty), jc, Trevor, kian, Andrea, sam, ricky, the original magcon boys, jennxpenn,even Claire, and my other bestie JENNA FRIKING MARBLES. Yes Jenna marbles was at my surprise party. I bow to her "queen Jenna marbles of YouTube" she smiles and hugs me I run to Claire "omg I missed you it's been like 6 months" she says with matts arms around her "MATT"I scream he embraces me "i missed you so soso much" he smiled. I go around to everyone else like the o2l boys and the youtubers and dancers and viners. I look around and say "hey" no one heard me I say it a bit louder that's when I whistle loud and say "hey!" Loud it goes quite " thank you I wanted to say thank you so much y'all almost gave me a heart attack" i paused as a flow of laughter passed through "I have one wish can I stage jump I was on a high desk and they were below me in this huge house they scream "yeah!" I jump and they catch me I scream "hell ya we did that" I smile I go watch Hayes go on stage and said " Helena I love you and I want to say I haven't drank once in my life neither have you so can we have our first drink together" I smile and nod "ok then let's go" he walks toward the kitchen with me on his back he pours the margarita Jenna made in each of our glasses so the countdown began "3....." I see everything in slow motion "2..." I see those blue eyes looking into mine he smiles "1..." Him and I drink it. It burns down my throat but It was good they cheered I kissed Hayes he smiled in the kiss I shrug "that was good" Jenna smiled connor ran up to me next to Cameron they both high five me "don't get to drunk" Connor says I hug him "yeah kid hey I don't want my little sister drunk" I smiled and hugged Cameron "thanks big bro" magcon is my family I know in 2014 they were not magcon anymore but "once a magcon family always a magcon family" i say he nods I talk to everyone and before I know it I wasn't drunk I was sober it was amusing seeing jc drunk. Connor didn't really drink neither did half of the magcon boys Cameron and Nash included. Cameron and Nash walked over and gave me a hug and screamed over the extremely loud music "hey r u ok?" I scream back "ya I'm sober" Nash laughs "so are we" I look around the room for Hayes "he's outside near the pool he's not drunk yet..." Nash said I mouthed thanks and left to see Hayes he was standing there with a red solo cup in his hand he said " it's sprite"he handed me the cup I tasted it it was sprite. He looks at me "wanna swim?" I smiled I grabbed his hand and I dragged him in the pool with me then Cameron jumped in then Matthew then Claire so on and so forth. Before we knew it we were all in the pool having a pool party. It was 2:00 am and most people were getting tired luckily 1 from each group of people was not drunk so that was good. Hayes and I cleaned up it wasn't that bad because no one was super drunk so that again was good. Hayes looks up "we only drank one cup like our goal" I gave him a high five. We picked every thing up and brought it to the curb. "So babe" he said wrapping his hands around my waist " what you wanna do it's only 3:00 am" I grabbed him a pulled him in for a passionate kiss. He holds me bride style and takes me inside. He sets me down on the couch and kisses my neck I lift my arms up letting him take my dress off. Ya I take his shirt off and so on and so forth. Ya it was the best birthday I've had. We wake up at 12:00 pm Hayes was still sleeping so I kissed him I kissed his neck and all the way up I also hugged him and cuddled that's when he said "don't stop" and smiled his blue eyes shining I kiss him I pull him up the blanket slowly creeped down his body falling just above the waist showing his 6pack. His messy hair, blue eyes, 6pack and finally smile was perfect. I look down to see me naked I run to pick up my underware and put it on and resumed to kissing Hayes. He laughed "you know I saw it anyway " I smiled "I just don't like being super exposed" he smirked and pulled me in for a makeout kiss thing. I get up and put on a apron totally ignoring the fact I'm in my underware. I make him and I some eggs and turkey bacon (I hate normal bacon) I make some biscuits too. I feel warm hand wrap around my waist and I feel Hayes kissing my neck. I turn around and give him food." Ugg your no fun" he said I smiled. "Thanks for the party" I kissed his cheek." Anything for my princess " he said charmingly I kissed him. "Call Andrea she helped a lot suprisingly she's nice now I see why you two are best friends " i smiled at his comment " ya she's the best" I hold a glass of ginger ale out. He wraps his hand around the glass cup " to not getting drunk" I said "to you being 21" Hayes said we clinked glasses and drank.

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