A Beautiful Tragedy

Scarlet wants Harry to move on from her after she became an angel in heaven but, he forgot how to love. He goes for a one night stand with any girl he wants. Until one girl comes along, a fan in fact. Will she be able to to teach him to love again and fall for him? Or will she not be able to keep up with him and just give up on love too?


1. Chapter 1

“My Past is my history and my future is my destiny” (not mine)

Scarlet Talking to her friend Lisa.

“Scarlet what happened to you that made you leave the world?” Lisa asked.

We both sat on the tree trunk up here everything is beautiful you can imagine pretty much anything you want and it will appear but I miss it down there.

“Well it’s a long story Lisa” I told her.

“I love stories” she replied in a really happy tone.

Good thing we don’t sleep we’re angels so we don’t need sleep.

“Ok I will tell you then.” *sighs*

Scarlet telling Lisa the story.

 July 5th this was the day everything started well, part. That was the day I turned fifteen. So I’ll just skip to the important part instead of talking about the unimportant and irrelevant things I did on that day.

It was about 9 P.M. in Paris, France and  my best friend Sydney decided she was going to take me to the Eiffel Tower to hang out a bit and then we were going to go eat dinner at a restaurant by there with my family.

When we got to dinner later that night my parents told me they had a surprise for me. My stomach started to get butterflies and I couldn’t stop smiling. My face hurt from how long I was smiling.

Anyways, they handed me an envelope. Of course I opened it immediately and it was two one direction tickets front row and meet and greet tickets. I was screaming pretty much the whole way back home.

When I got home I looked through my closet to see what I should wear for the concert.

Oh yea I almost forgot the concert tickets were for their concert the next day on July 6th.

I took all of my clothes out for the next day.

“Who did you give the second ticket to?” Lisa asked during the story.

“You will see” I told her and continued.

Sydney was staying over because of course she was, “still is” I said interrupting the story.

My best friend.

That night we both went to bed really excited.

Story over for now just Lisa and Scarlet talking now.

“Will you tell me more?” Lisa asked looking up at me she’s my age but shorter than me.

“Tomorrow yea? My mom and dad are probably looking for us.” Yes my mom and dad are here with me too you will know why later on.

“Okay” we both stood up.

“Wait one more thing I’ll be back” I told her.

I went to visit Harry down there it’s midnight where he is and I stand by his bed looking at him tossing and turning. I can hear and see his thoughts they are about me.

“Why can’t you please forget me babe I don’t want you struggling” I say low knowing he can’t hear me.

“I miss you Scarlet” he says looking at a picture of me that he’s holding.

“I miss you too baby” I reply running my fingertip along his cheek. I think he felt it because his eyes closed and a weak smile formed on his face. Non-existent tears escaped my eyes.

“Love you.” I said and left a kiss on his cheek before disappearing and going back to Lisa.

“You Okay?” she asked and I nodded.

We both left.

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