Broken Promises

~Sequel to 'Do You Remember Me?'~

Niall and Autumn ended their relationship 2 days before the wedding. Niall wants Autumn to find her prince. To be with someone who will always be there for her and won't hurt her, but when Autumn finally moves on, Will Niall be able to stay away from her and keep his word? Read and find out. <3


4. 4

Niall's POV

"Promise you won't tell anyone.. Especially Autumn." I demanded.

"That depends."

"On what?" I asked.

"On what it is that you're gonna say.. I promise I won't tell her what she doesn't need to hear. Okay?" Jamie replied.

"Jamie." I said not agreeing to what she just said.

"Whatever, just talk. I'm listening."

"Alright.. Well.. I- I um.." I stuttered.

"You still love her?"

"Yes. More than anything." I answered, my voice starting to get shaky.

"But why did you end it with her then?"

"Have you not seen what I've done to her!" I shouted standing up and pacing back and forth around the room, running my fingers through my hair.


"I've broke her so many times.. I couldn't trust myself that I wouldn't hurt her again.." I whispered. "She's moved on anyway.. Just like I told her too."

"You need to move on. You can practically have anyone you want.. Remember my friend Ashley?" Jamie asked. I nodded my head, remembering the blonde haired blue eyed girl that Jamie introduced to me last year.

"Well I think were planning on going to stay at the lake again now that were all back together.. I'll invite her for you, if you want."

After thinking about it for a couple seconds, I agreed. What could go wrong?

Autumn's POV

As soon as I got home from Emma's at about 9pm, I took a shower and felt refreshed. I didn't have my makeup done, my hair done, and just had my pajamas on. It feels good not having to be all done up.. Whenever I was with Niall, I didn't have to worry about what I looked like.. He always told me I was beautiful without all- "Oh my god. Shut up Autumn.. Shut. Up." I angrily yelled to myself.

To get my mind off of everything I got up and pulled out my duffle bag and started packing. The last time we were at the lake was about 4 years ago.. After I finished packing I crawled into bed and fell asleep excited for what tomorrow would bring.


I woke up to someone throwing me over their shoulder and running down the steps of my house.

"Zaynnn. What are you- doing?" I yawned while he still carried me over his shoulder as he threw me into the backseat of his car on top of 2 other people.

"Good afternoon! Your bags are in the trunk." Zayn yelled happily while pulling out of my driveway onto the street.

"Oh gee thanks.. And sorry." I said realizing I was still on top of Louis and.. Niall. I scooted off of them and sat in the seat in between both of them.

After the kinda long car ride, we finally arrived at the lake.. And it was exactly how we left it.

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