Broken Promises

~Sequel to 'Do You Remember Me?'~

Niall and Autumn ended their relationship 2 days before the wedding. Niall wants Autumn to find her prince. To be with someone who will always be there for her and won't hurt her, but when Autumn finally moves on, Will Niall be able to stay away from her and keep his word? Read and find out. <3


3. 3

"I-I'm sorry! I just didn't feel good and Emma said to come up here and lay down and-"

"It's okay.." She replied before turning around to walk out.

"Wait!" I yelled to her. "I'm sorry.."

"I know Niall, it's okay." She responded quietly before turning to walk out again.

"No." I said loud enough so only we'd hear. "I'm sorry.. for everything."

"Now's not a good time.." She whispered.

"And when will it be!?" I questioned.

"For God's sake, Niall! We don't have anything to talk about. It's all gone."

"Whats all gone..?" I asked.

"Never mind." She mumbled.

"What's all gone..?" I stood up walking over to her but she turned away. I grabbed her wrist to make her face me.

"I said, Never mind." She fired at me getting annoyed.

"Tell. Me."

"It doesn't matter! Just drop it.. Please."

"Are you happy..?" I randomly asked.

"Do you want the truth or what you want to hear?"

"The truth."

"Then yes, I guess you can say that I'm happy." And with that she walked out of the room.

I'm glad Autumn's happy.. I can't help but wish she was happy with me though.. But she isn't happy with me and it's hard to accept it.

Me and Justin have.. quite the background. Autumn dated him once and lets just say I wasn't happy. He only got with her to make me mad.. We hated each other. We got in a fist fight once. I don't think one of us really won.. We both got it pretty bad. I had a black eye and he got a broken nose. That kind of started the whole rivalry between me and Justin.

I stood up and sat on the end of the bed. I swear I can feel my heart break.. I didn't even think it was possible to break any more, but I'm certain this time. It's completely shattered.

There was a light knock on the door taking me out of my thoughts. "It's unlocked." I said laying backwards on the bed and looking straight up to the ceiling.

I heard someone walk in. The bed shifted a little signaling someone sat down at the end of the bed.

"Alright.. Let it out." Jamie said.

"Let what out?" I asked knowing exactly what she wanted.

"Whatever you want to get off your chest."

"It might take awhile." I said trying to bring some humor into the situation.

"I've got time." Jamie chuckled.

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