Broken Promises

~Sequel to 'Do You Remember Me?'~

Niall and Autumn ended their relationship 2 days before the wedding. Niall wants Autumn to find her prince. To be with someone who will always be there for her and won't hurt her, but when Autumn finally moves on, Will Niall be able to stay away from her and keep his word? Read and find out. <3


28. 28

*One Week Later*

Niall's POV

Here I sat, backstage at this huge studio. I'm dreading having to do this interview.. I know they're just going to ask me personal questions about me and my relationship with Autumn. Maybe if I pretend I'm sick I can get out of it.

"Here Niall!" Lou yelled tossing me a red long sleeved shirt to go with my dark blue jeans. Yeah, I'm not getting out of this.

"One Direction lads meet on stage in 2 minutes." A voice repeated slowly over the intercom. I slid my SnapBack on my head out of habit but Lou took it off and threw it on the couch next to her.

"Ugh, Niall! You messed up your hair.." Lou sighed playing with my hair so it would go back to its original look.

"Come on, we have to go." Harry said grabbing my arm and pulling me out the door. We made our way out on stage, shook hands with the interviewer and then took a seat on the couch across from him.

"Hi, I'm Jonathan." The man spoke. He was wearing a suit and tie, and had dark black hair with extremely bright blue eyes. He already creeps me out. "I'm just going to be asking you guys questions together and then some separately, some of these questions came from me and some we got from twitter." He said flipping through the cards, which I'm guessing have the questions written on them.

"On air in 10..9..8" The guy holding the camera started counting down.

"Hey! It's Jonathan, and today we have no other than the biggest boyband in the world. One direction." He said and everyone in the crowd started to cheer. I wonder if Autumn's watching this on tv, told her about it last week.. She might have forgot.

"So lads, do you ever quite get used to having screaming fans and people taking and wanting pictures everywhere you go?" He asked. Oh great, the first question is over with.

"Uh, not really. It's something that I think we can all agree that we can't really believe or get over." Liam answered smoothly. I don't know how he does every time.

After answering some more questions about tour and filming the midnight memories music video, he was starting the relationship questions. F**k.

"So here's the question all the these screaming teenage girls actually care about... Who's single and who's taken?" Jonathan smirked. We all started mumbling at once so Jonathan waved his arms as a signal to shut up.

"Start from the end with Harry and just go down the line." I think Harry is the only name this f**king interviewer bothered to learn.

Harry: Taken

Zayn: Taken

Louis: Taken

Liam: Single

"Taken." I answered lastly with confidence.

"Liam! We thought you were taken too. What happened with Jamie?" Jonathan asked being nosy. He's being way to personal, this is what I feared.

"It just didn't work out. We're still good friends though." Liam finally answered after fumbling with his words.

Next the interviewer went through and asked about Emma, Perrie, and Eleanor. I know whats coming next..

"Hey Niall! You're being quiet on the end. We've got a lot of information to clear up with you and Autumn."

Ugh.. "Alright." I sighed.

"So you two are still together right? No secret models in the picture of your relationship?" Jonathan chuckled. I think this guy just wants a punch to the face.

"No." I spat back at him. What an asshole he is. I knew this interview wouldn't be good.

"Calm down, I'm just kidding. Now I understand that you were going to ask Autumn to marry you but she was in a car crash and entered a coma?" He asked. He knows he's pissing me off.

"Yes." I gritted through my teeth.

"So you guys planned the wedding but ended it, what a day before? 2 days before?"

"Yes.." I said taking deep breaths in and out to keep me from ripping this guys face off.

"Okay, mate. I think it's enough questions about that. Move on." Zayn said to Jonathan starting to get angry himself.

"Hey it's my job, I can ask what I want. Now, Mr. Horan.. What happened with Amy.. This one night stand. How'd that go and how'd Autumn feel about it? I mean Amy is fit but Autumn is way fi-"

I stood up quickly and charged at him. The nerve he has to ask about Amy! Let alone ask about the hardest period of time in my life when Autumn was almost dead! I felt two people grip onto me so I couldn't reach Jonathan's face that should be deformed thanks to me.

"You're f**king pathetic! Who do you think you are!?" I yelled trying to get out of a Louis and Liam's hold to get at this jerk.

"I think I'd be way better for Autumn than you. At least I wouldn't have a one night stand with some random girl from the club that you've known for 1 minute!" He barked back at me. They finally turned it off and went to commercial.

"You don't even know Autumn! She loves me and I love her more than anything! And that was a one time thing! I was drinking the pain away from the break up and she looked like her.." My yelling and screaming turned to barely above a whisper. Here comes the tears.

Autumn's POV

I almost forgot about the interview! I turned the tv on to the correct channel and smiled at my boyfriends lovely face on the screen. He doesn't look real happy.. Kinda jittery.

The interviewer soon started asking questions about me being in the hospital and the cancelled wedding. I can tell Niall is mad about it..

"What happened with Amy.. This one night stand. How'd that go and how'd Autumn feel about it? I mean Amy is fit but Autumn is way-" I turned the tv off to end with the wicked grin on the interviewers face. Amy.. Who's Amy? Niall had a one night stand with her.. W-what?

Before the tears could fall from my eyes, my phone was ringing. It's probably Niall apologizing.. I looked at my phone caller id to see it wasn't Niall, it was Emma.

"H-hello?" I answered trying to sound like I wasn't about to cry.

"I'm stopping at the store to get candy and some movies. I'll be over soon."

"Okay.." I'm glad I have a friend like her.

I sat on the couch and sighed. It was during the time we broke up, so why should I care? He didn't do anything wrong.. I hate knowing that someone else did it with him though.. I remember the first time.. We were each others firsts. We were 16.. My parents weren't home.. My mind shed the memory and the thought of him with whoever this Amy girl is overpowered my mind. What if it was in our bed.. Oh god. Now I'm crying..

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