Broken Promises

~Sequel to 'Do You Remember Me?'~

Niall and Autumn ended their relationship 2 days before the wedding. Niall wants Autumn to find her prince. To be with someone who will always be there for her and won't hurt her, but when Autumn finally moves on, Will Niall be able to stay away from her and keep his word? Read and find out. <3


2. 2

I froze.. Just what I didn't want to happen. I couldn't move, I couldn't speak. I felt someone's hand lock in mine. Justin to the rescue.. He pulled me into his chest and stroked my hair.

Justin knows what happened with me and Niall, along with everyone else in the whole world, but he knows the little things. The things that not even the media found out.

"Autumn, aren't you gonna introduce us to him?" Liam smiled.

"Oh yeah.. This is Justin." I chuckled.

"Her boyfriend." Justin added specially to Niall.

"It's ugh.. Nice to see you." I said awkwardly sticking my hand out for him to shake.

"You too.." He replied, shaking my hand. I felt the way our hands molded perfectly and memories came flooding into my mind. Good memories that I will always remember, and bad memories that can break me just by the simple thought of it..

I let go of his hand and couldn't help but feel my eyes start watering. No Autumn! Don't cry! You're not this weak.. You're not this weak, I repeated to myself in my mind.

"It's getting stuffy in here.. I'm gonna go get some fresh air." I blurted out quickly, while turning on my heels and speed walking out the door.

Niall's POV

The room was silent after Autumn walked out. Everyone knew about Autumn and I's past.. And no doubt in my mind Justin did too. I haven't seen her for 2 years.. I swear she got even more beautiful if that's possible.

The two years have consisted of a the year long tour, recording, meet and greets, recording, more recording. I haven't really had time to have a relationship, not that I want to. I mean, I've gone on a couple dates. I can't help but compare them to Autumn.. There hasn't been a day in these past 2 years that she hasn't crossed my mind. Yeah I know.. It sounds cheesy, but it's the truth.

Justin walked outside, filling me with anger. "He's an ass! I swear if he hurts her-" I stopped myself. What am I thinking..? I'm the one that hurt her.. I broke her heart, more than once. I'm the real threat to her..

My face must've been turning a deep red because everyone was now looking at me.

"You okay, Mate?" Zayn asked, genuinely worried about me.

"I-I uh." I tried to form words but nothing was coming out.

"I think you may have a fever.. Go up to one of the guest bedrooms and lay down." Emma replied.

I didn't answer I just went straight upstairs. As soon as you get upstairs it's just one long hallway, with 3 bedrooms on one side of the hall and 2 bedrooms and the bathroom were on the other side of the hall. I walked all the way to the end of the hall.. Autumn's old room.

I opened the door and walked in. She still had some stuff in here.. There was a bed, a dresser, tv, and a desk with a box on it.. Hm. Being the nosey person I am, I walked over to the box.

I gently took the top off and took the first thing out of the box. It was a big pouch filled with pictures from when she was maybe 4-5 years old. In one picture she had her curly hair down with a fake princess tiara on her head. She was smiling with some teeth missing, which only made her look even more adorable. I smiled and put the pictures away and looked for another item to pull out.

I pulled out some old cd's, a couple posters, some stuffed animals, and finally at the very bottom of the box was a.. White dress? I took the dress out of the box and unfolded it. I held it up.. It was floor-length, the top was a, what do you call it? A sweet heart neckline? I remember Autumn mentioning something about it to me.

The top had gems on it and the bottom was big but not too big.. It was.. Perfect. Then it hit me. This was her wedding dress.. The dress I never got to see her wear down the aisle. This killed me. I folded it back up and put it back in the box, along with the other stuff.

I dropped down onto the ground and put my back up against the desk. I buried my head in my hands and took deep breaths. I've cried so much that I don't think I can cry anymore.

I heard the door knob jiggle and then turn and the door creak open.

"What are you doing in here?"

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