Broken Promises

~Sequel to 'Do You Remember Me?'~

Niall and Autumn ended their relationship 2 days before the wedding. Niall wants Autumn to find her prince. To be with someone who will always be there for her and won't hurt her, but when Autumn finally moves on, Will Niall be able to stay away from her and keep his word? Read and find out. <3


13. 13

Autumn's POV

I woke up to the sun beating down on my face through the window. I opened my eyes to Niall laying right next to me with his arms wrapped securely around my waist. I yawned and went to stand up but Niall pulled me back.

"Mmm.. Where are you going?" He whispered obviously still in a sleep state.

"I'm just going to shut the curtains.." I whispered back.

He let go of his grip on me and I stood up. I squinted my eyes so that the sun wouldn't blind me and pulled the curtains closed leaving the room dark.

"Come back.. I'm cold." Niall chuckled. All I could see was the huge grin on his face.

I walked back to the bed and climbed under the covers. Niall wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into his bare chest.

"That's better.. I've missed this." Niall said. If I was looking at him I know he'd have a smile on his face.

"Me too.. Now shhh I'm going back to sleep." I whispered closing my eyes and getting comfortable.

Not long after we both fell back asleep, I was awoken by people jumping around us on the bed and loud yelling.

"WAKEY WAKEY!" Louis yelled jumping up and down making me and Niall bounce.

"Ughh.." I groaned.

"Guess what tomorrow is Autumn! I know you know!" Harry yelled joining Louis on the bed jumping.

I covered my ears with the pillow and laughed.

"Tomorrow is your... Birthdaaaaaaaaaaay!" All the guys yelled including Niall who was now tickling me.

"I know.. O-Okay!" I yelled in between laughs.

"Little Autumn's growin up.. Awww." Louis chirped at me while pinching my cheeks.

"Shut up, Lou." I laughed pushing his hands away from my face.

Niall's POV

"Alright we need to start planning the party for tomorrow." I whispered to everyone while Autumn was asleep in the very back of the van with her headphones on.

"Niall, she doesn't want a party.. You know that." Emma chuckled.

"I know, I know. She's still getting one. It'll be a surprise! I'm thinking we can have it at our- my house. We can have it around the pool. Just family and close friends. We can fly them out here and-"

"Niall.. Slow down." Liam laughed.

"Sorry.." I smiled.

"That's a bad idea.. Autumn isn't really.. Happy with her parents right now." Jamie warned me.

"What.. Why?" I questioned.

"That's not my answer to tell." Jamie replied.

"Alright then. It'll just be us and the 5 seconds of summer lads. Maybe some other of her friends from work."

I finally made it home. I walked inside and unpacked all my clothes and toiletries and put them away. I rushed to find my notebook and pencil. I finally found it in one of my drawers underneath all my clothes. I flipped through all my drawings and letters I wrote to Autumn saying all the things I never could. I flipped to a blank page and sat down at the kitchen table to find all the numbers I needed to call to plan the party. I wrote them down and made all the calls. I've got decorations, a cake, food, and the presents I got her before we even went to the lake.. Before I even saw her again. I don't know what I thought I'd do to get them to her.. Maybe mail them.. Or just drop them off at her house.. I don't know.


I woke up at the kitchen table. Drool was all over my notebook.. I sighed and looked at the clock. "Shit it's almost 2 o'clock!" I cursed jumping up from the chair easily forgetting how sore I was from my uncomfortable sleep position last night.

Okay people are gonna start coming around 6 and I still have to set everything up. I got the streamers and the big banner that said 'Happy Birthday, Autumn!' and hung everything up. I set out the table with the food out back and cleaned the pool with the big net. I gotta admit I did a pretty good job for doing this all by myself.

I glanced at the clock that read 5:50 and ran upstairs to my bedroom. I rummaged through my drawers until I finally found my navy blue swim trunks. I put them on along with my sandals and walked downstairs just in time for people to arrive. I led them to the back and pretty soon it got crowded. People were swimming in the pool and blaring music.

"She's gonna be here in a couple minutes! So everyone be quiet!" I yelled.

I waited until I got the text from Emma that they were walking up the driveway. All the cars were hidden so she had no idea.

"She's coming inside." Liam whispered to everyone.

We all stood around quietly until we heard the screen door slide open and we all screamed "Happy Birthday!" While she was mid conversation with Emma.

"Oh my god.. You guys!" Autumn laughed.

"Don't look at us. It was you're favorite Irish lad!" Zayn laughed pointing to me.

"Niall.." Autumn walked over to me with tears in her eyes.

"Don't cry.. It was supposed to be good and-"

"Niall! Thank you so much.. You did this all by yourself?" She asked pulling me into one of her tight hugs that I love.

"You deserve it." I smiled hugging her back.

The rest of the night lasted of swimming, eating, dancing, some karaoke, and at the moment Autumn's opening her presents. So far she's gotten a lot of clothes, jewelry, shoes, makeup, you name it. My present was last for her to open.

"Best for last." I smirked.

She smiled at me and tore off the wrapping paper to reveal a little box. She opened it to reveal a diamond necklace in the shape of an infinity sign.

"Niall.. It's beautiful. You shouldn't have spent so much money on me though." She said.

I took the necklace and placed it around her neck, hooking it in the back.

"I wanted to." I smiled handing her a card in an envelope.

She slowly opened the card and gasped at what was inside.

"You got me an unlimited nandos giftcard!?" She laughed.

"Hell yeah! But.. You have to share with me!" I smirked jokingly.

"Of course."

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