My Brother And His Friend

Hi my name is Emma Tomlinson and im 19 years old my brother is Louis Tomlinson and yes the one in One Direction.
He left me and my mom I went to America for 4 years and my accent got lost but I still know some words. OHH yeah and I hate Louis Tomlinson.


4. Modeling

Emmas POV

I woke up today by Lottie screaming in my ear and also with water and lets just say not very warm water............actually not even warm.

''Emma remember you have to go in an hour for the show and also it 1pm'' Lottie said.

''Does anyone know''

''no only me and your friends know also Cameron has your ouffit waiting for you, the show starts at seven and well be meeting you over there even mom and the boys, mom left to work and im leaving to school bye.'' she said and left.

I remember that yesterday was very hot at night so I slept in my bra and undies and I was to lazy to change so I went to eat some breakfast I was searching for my cereal and I felt a pair of eyes looking at me so I turned around and found...........................Harry.

''hi harry'' I said.

''hey emma you know I never tought you would be this carefree'' he said with a smirk in his face.

''uggh wathever anyways umm you guys are gonna see me later and don't be surprised.'' I winked and left.













 hours later

it 7pm and the boys are sitting here they are all getting ready scince there gonna perform here they are gonna sing live while we're young.

''one direction on stage models from a threw m from last name.'' the producer said

I was getting my hair ready.

















srry guys ill continue this 2mrrw.

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