My Brother And His Friend

Hi my name is Emma Tomlinson and im 19 years old my brother is Louis Tomlinson and yes the one in One Direction.
He left me and my mom I went to America for 4 years and my accent got lost but I still know some words. OHH yeah and I hate Louis Tomlinson.



Emma's POV

After all of that I went home instantly and I was very nervous of what they may say but I really didn't care that much he shouldn't be mad at me right . Why is life so difficult I put my pajamas on but before that I went to feed Finn my dog and from there I went to change into this

and then I got Finn put him in his bed and went to sleep.




I woke up early since I'm in vacation and yeah and I went to shower and after that I put my make up on and changed into my jogging outfit


and went downstais

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