My Brother And His Friend

Hi my name is Emma Tomlinson and im 19 years old my brother is Louis Tomlinson and yes the one in One Direction.
He left me and my mom I went to America for 4 years and my accent got lost but I still know some words. OHH yeah and I hate Louis Tomlinson.


3. B-day

Emmas POV


Today the day the day that Louis came it happens to be my birthday but nobody notice is it but ohh well you know another sad that like when I was 7. The day my dad left us happened to be the day of my birthday yay. I went to eat with the boys and my mum made me my favorite chocolate cake and my favorite food well everything's my favorite but she made me pizza, spagethi, and meatballs.

After dinner I was pretty happy since I ate a lot and plus I got to eat cake and Louis got the idea that it was my birthday but didn't say anything.

''Emma I know that todays your birthday and us as your friends we bought you gifts'' Nash said.

''you know you didn't have to right'' I replied looking at them.

''yes but we wanted to for knowing you for 7 years'' Mathew replied.

''im gonna go get yours'' Cameron said and left somewhere.

Nash bought me a pretty bracelet that had my name and then a heart and there initials it wasn't ugly it was beautiful.

Matthew or Matt bought me food for dogs and bed and clothes for dogs then and ipod 5c.

why are there dog stuff. Then Cameron came and had his arms behind him then he gave me

a pamoreinian puppy I imidiatly hugged him.

''thank you Cameron and you to guys I love you guys some much'' I said to them.

Then it hit me my dad left me this day when he said he would come back and take me to Disneyland he would sometimes be violent and he would come to the house drunk my mom left me and she said to hide on the basement and lock myself and always have a phone next to me.

I ran to my room and locked the door I know they were wondering what happened then I just layed in my bed thinking of the day when I was 5 and he hit mefor the first time in my life. The door opened revealing a worried Louis he entered then close the door.

''Emma are you okay'' he asked.

''no im just laughing come in'' I said sarcastically.

''im sorry emma I know I broke my promise but forgive me''

''Louis can you tell nash and the other 2 boys to come''

''umm sure'' Louis said leaving.





srry for the short chapter updade tomorrow probably


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