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  • Published: 24 May 2014
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[COMPLETED SHORT STORY] When she came into my life, all my scars start to fade away and finally they were gone and so was she. © uxique, All rights reserved 2014.


4. iii.i Explanation

So you are most likely so confused at this story,

Like the first two chapters were like:

'Oh okay, this is a nice story.'

Then all of a sudden I just BAM!

Turns out Harry is a psychopath. 

So, as the author, let me explain for you. 


As Harry was growing up, he lived in pretty messed up surroundings: In this story, while during the camp, you should have gotten the hint that Harry's past wasn't all butterflies and sparkles. Harry's mother died in front of him by his father at a very young age. 

Harry's father soon started going insane of the thought of killing his wife and Harry was the only one there. *Note: Gemma didn't existed* 

His father forced Harry to be a girl for the next three years of his life because Harry's mother always wanted a girl and his father apparently thought it was a way to make her happy. Harry was too afraid to call anyone because his father would mentally abuse him all the time and he didn't want him even more upset but soon afterwards because his mother suddenly disappeared, Police came to check on them and soon found the mother's body and arrested the father for abuse on Harry and murder. 

Harry had no relatives left so he had to go to an orphanage but he soon left when he was old enough and lived by himself. 

Also, for basically his whole life now, he was by himself, and he always thought it was his fault his mother died because he made his father mad and his mother stood up for him. That thought fucked Harry's mind pretty badly. 

He was lonely, so lonely all the time so Harry's mind soon created a mother and a father that loved him and it was like that since he was in the orphanage and everyone thought it was just because he missed them so they let him be but that soon turned into an illness called 'Schizophrenia' and it was hard for him to tell what is real, and what is not. 

Every time someone says something Harry doesn't like, his mind rewords them into something he does like, hint the bolded words. Every bold word in chapter 2-3 where the real words Mia said. The rest of whatever was his mind re-wording it.  


Harry knew he needed someone, someone to call his and so he went looking and that meant he found Mia (Chapter 1) and he thought she was perfect so he went to talk to her and actually fell in 'love' or so he thought and he didn't want to scare her so he created a fake Harry in his mind. A soft and gentle Harry because that way he thinks she won't want to leave him if he is gentle. So he created a front and hid the real Harry down in his soul. Then Mia became his girlfriend so he thought he was doing something right and he was happy at that point. That way, he didn't have a need to go crazy like he did. 


The camp was all real with Harry being fake innocent Harry to not scare her and her friends. Except during the scene at the Campfire with just Mia & Harry. 

When she talked about Harry's scare on his wrists, Harry got nervous and uncomfortable because he was scared she saw who he really was and he didn't want her to leave. So Harry's mind didn't like that and re-worded it to something he does like, hint the bolded words again. 

And when she asked about his past he just kind of said something but didn't really answer her questions. 

And that got her suspicious, when she really said 'I don't love you Harry' *Bolded words in Chapter 2*

He kind of didn't that because his mind reworded it and heard all that bullshit that was in bolded words. So she got really worried about him because he just kissed her and hugged her and helf her hand and lead her to go to sleep in the tent. 

That kept her thinking the whole time and she realized she didn't want to be with someone that 'Weird' and someone that is 'there but not really there'. 


So after the camping trip, she's been scared of him because he doesn't hear what she really is saying and he reacts so differently like if she says she doesn't like him anymore and they should break up, he just leans in and kisses her and goes back to sleep and that worries Mia a lot. 

She finally decided that she couldn't take it anymore and wanted to leave. *Chapter 3* 

But didn't want to tell him that she really is leaving because she didn't want him to react badly or freak out. 

Then his mind kind of heard what she really was saying about really leaving him and he kind of snapped. 


Then you know the rest. The bolded words are what she said and yada yada. 

Now you know. 


I'll leave the ending to your imagination :-) 

I thank you guys for the support and I hope that helped! 


|Problems Soundtrack|

Afraid - The Neighborhood

Not About Angels - Birdy

Someone Else - Miley Cyrus

All I Want - Kodaline

I Wanna Be Yours - Arctic Monkeys

I Am Not A Robot - Marina & The Diamonds

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