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  • Published: 24 May 2014
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[COMPLETED SHORT STORY] When she came into my life, all my scars start to fade away and finally they were gone and so was she. © uxique, All rights reserved 2014.


3. iii. Away

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The End


After the camping trip; Mia has been different. She's been colder, distant. Whenever I ask if I can come over or if she wants to come over, she's either sick or busy. I haven't seen her for four days and the only times we talked are when I call her. It's scaring me a lot at how distant she has been.

"Mia," I say softly to her. She perks her beautiful head up to me as she puts her shoe on. "Where are you going?" I lift the white sheets away from me and move toward her but she starts to get up. 


"I'm going out for a little bit lovely." She mumbles, grabbing her bag and I already miss her presence. I didn't want her to go; she always has to go somewhere. She's here but I feel like she's not. I can feel her slowly drifting away from me over these past weeks. 


"Okay." I said, "Where to? I'll drive you." I start to get out of bed but she places her soft hand on my shoulder. 

"No Harry, you need to stay here for today. Thank you for the offer babe but its best if I just go. I'll be back before you know it." She smiles but her eyes say something else. "After all it is your birthday." 

I could see small wet tears poking out of her eye but she turned away before I can truly tell. 


"What's wrong Mia?" I asked her and she just chuckles, shaking her head downward. She walks to the door, grabbing her jacket. 


"I told myself I was going to leave with a smile." She whispered. I furrow my eyebrows at her words. 

I get up on my feet, and stared at her back. 


"What do you mean leave?" I stated, grabbing her wrists and pulling her towards me.


"I'm leaving you Harry. I'm sorry." She whimpered and I felt my heart to crumble into small pieces. I did something wrong I know it. My heart starts beating quickly and I felt sick to my stomach. 


"Please don't go, I love you so much Mia. I know you have never stop loving me too. This is true love, I love you darling. Did I do something wrong? You're everything to me. This is hurting me that you would think of leaving like this." I sob as she pushes me away from her. I could see her tears going down her cheeks. I start making noises and she starts heading for the door but I could see that she was hesitating so I reach for her again. I grabbed her wrists and pulled her back to me. 


She started fighting away from me but I knew she wanted to stay with me. She started crying again and I knew this was hurting her heart. I wrapped my arms around her and she started flailing while sobbing horribly into me again. I shushed her but she kept mumbling let me go but I could never let her go. 

I picked her up and set her down on a chair. 


"Please Harry, Let me love you. I can't believe what I was thinking of leaving you. You're everything I have ever wanted. There is this man that is telling me to go and he was scaring me so much I had to." She started sobbing again and I nodded, wiping my tears. 


"I won't let that bad man get you anymore darling." I pushed her hair behind her ear. "You're so beautiful Mia." 


Mia started crying even more; maybe from the joy that she knows that I will protect her. 

"You're so fucking amazing Harry. That bad man is just giving me delusional thoughts. I want to get far away. You mean so much to me Harry that bad man is a freak but I know you will protect me baby." She sobs again but I shush her, wiping her tears with my thumb. 

"I got you baby, don't worry about a thing." I smile at her. "We're going to have my birthday and if that man comes to you. I'll deal with him. Don't you worry beautiful." 

I walk over to the fridge and grab my vanilla birthday cake and set it on the table in front of her. She starts to fidget in her chair and she kept scratching her wrists but I didn't think of it too much. This man that gave my beautiful girlfriend these thoughts must pay. 


I search my cabinets for candles before Mia started screaming again. I grab them quickly and rush over to her side. I kneel down as she starts sobbing again in her chair. 

"What's wrong?" I asked frantically, placing the candles down.


"Something is wrong with me, Harry. He's telling me to leave but I don't want to leave you. Grab the duct tape and tape me down before I lose myself Harry please." She pleaded and I furrow my eyes at her request but I waste no time looking for the duct tape. 


I run over to my drawers and quickly found some black duct tape. Then I ran over to her, and she was wailing again. 


"Please tape my wrists and feet down before I go crazy. Don't do it too rough. This will be over in the end darling and we will be together." She looked pained and hurt and I wanted to end it, it pained me that she was so hurt. I quickly tape her down and she started to cry again. I didn't know what to do. So I went to the kitchen and grabbed one of the knives in the drawer. 


Once I approached her again, she suddenly started wailing again and my eyes soften at the sight. I was with her all this time but I didn't know a thing about the bad man forcing her to leave me. I take the cake out of the box and place my candles on it, grabbing a lighter to light it. 

"Don't be scared anymore Mia. I got you. You're safe with me." I smiled at her, placing the knife next to the cake. 


"You're really amazing. This is insane that this is happening to us." She said softly. I nodded. 


"But I will protect you," I declared, wiping her tears off her cheeks. "Because I know in my heart you're the only one for me." 

She started crying again with happiness and I smile at her. I caressed her cheeks softly. 


"Fuck Harry, I love you. I'm off my rocker but you still mean the world to me. Now go on and make your wish." She whimpered. I grin and look at the cake in front of me and I look at Mia. 


I close my eyes and think of my wish but I couldn't come up with anything. I peek my eyes out and see Mia hiccupping and leaning forward to the table. I smile at her and close my eyes again. 

I wish to always be with Mia, to never leave her side. I love her and I will always love her. She's my world. I always thought if she loved me, I might find a way to love myself. Self loathing always glued my teeth together but left my lips apart so when anyone asked if I was okay. I couldn't speak; I could only reply with a smile but Mia came and the only thing I could do was smile. So I wish to always be with Mia. I open my eyes again and look at her continue to whimper. 


Forever and ever. I blow my candles out. 


And I already know, it's going to come true. 


Jesus that was scary, I hope you guys liked it omf

I'm sorry if it was confusing! I'll explain it maybe next chapter? 

Thank you guys so much for the support! :-) 

It means so much to me!

Much love, Amber.x 

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