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  • Published: 24 May 2014
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[COMPLETED SHORT STORY] When she came into my life, all my scars start to fade away and finally they were gone and so was she. © uxique, All rights reserved 2014.


2. ii. Slowly

The Middle


I was always in Mia's worry list now when she saw my six week old scars, covering my entire left wrist. I knew this day would come because who in the right mind would wear thick sweaters or long sleeved shirts in the middle of July? 

We were camping with a group of her friends. Mainly girls so I didn't have anything to worry about. I'm glad I met her friends actually; it felt like I was really in Mia's life. 

There was Jesse, she was, I think, around twenty? She was two years younger than Mia and I but she was really mischievous and humorous. I liked her a lot, she was kind at times but I could never take her seriously. She played around too much with guys or with life really. 

I mean, hell, we urinated in the bushes together once during the trip and she didn't seem to mind at all but it was nice: I never really had closed enough friends like that before. I felt like I could loosen up around her and just say and do whatever I wanted with her. Jesse is possibly my partner in crime. 


And there was Victoria, she was the same age as Mia and I but she was really mature. I would say she was the mother of the group. The one that kept us all in shape and made sure everything was okay. She was quiet most of the time but also very humorous when you really got to her. You could easily talk to her and I liked talking to her because you know she really is listening. She is also immensely kind: I mean she payed for all of us when we went to a fast food restaurant during car stops. It's insane how much she cares for all of us and this is only the first time we met. 


Those girls, Mia, and I all went to a camping trip in the woods and believe it or not: I had fun except that one night Mia asked about my not-so-secret. 


We were all huddled around the campfire that Mia and Jesse made out of pine cones and broken sticks and I quote on from Jesse.

"If you are not going to do it the real way, what's the fucking use of camping?"  Jesse nonchalantly said, while rubbing the two sticks together. 


And some miracle happened and fire came out of Jesse's hands and then she bragged about it for about two hours but I was just thankful it kept us warm when night fell. 

Then Victoria fell asleep on her chair and since Jesse and her slept in the same tent; she carried Victoria and waved goodnight to us. So now, it was only me and Mia left at the campfire, under the starry sky. Even though we had to sit in to different chairs, we were holding hands, watching the sparks on the campfire ignite every second. 

"Harry." Mia said to me, breaking the comforting silence. 


"Hmm?" I turned my head to her, and her eyes were still fixated on the sparks. The light ascending from her beautiful features. She nervously flickered her eyes on the sparks and the stars. I don't know why she even is with someone like me when she could do so much better but I am thankful. 


"You love me right?" She whispered so quietly, I almost thought I heard incorrectly. 


I jump up a little at her sudden question; I sit up and face her: I can tell that something was troubling her. My heart soon fills with worry. 

"Of course I do." I quickly answered but she just smiles sadly at me "Why do you ask such a question baby? We've been together for almost six weeks now. I thought you would know that by now." 


She faces me, her eyes staring deeply at me. Her soft lips turned into a thin line. She still was holding my hand then she turned my arm over, looking down at my scar filled wrist. I frown at her action and I could feel my heart sinking just a little. 

"Then what the hell is this Harry?" She questions sternly. I bite my bottom lip and she lets go of my hand. I sink down in my chair, my eyes now fixated on the fire just like she was. 


"When did you see them?" I asked her and she frowns at me. 


"One week ago, when we cuddled on the couch and you held my hand. I saw those slits but I didn't see clearly until you fell asleep. After that it's been on my mind the whole time, and I felt uneasy knowing that you were so hurt that you had to hurt yourself." She muttered and I nodded, a weight is lifted off my shoulders a little that someone in this world knows except me but another weight was dropped on my heart that she had to find out that way. I already knew what she was going to ask next. 


"Do you want to talk about it?" She asked, staring at me. I looked over at her and I could see the hurt in her eyes. I flinched a little: Why is she hurt? It's not like I sliced her wrists. This is so confusing to me. 


"Not really." I answered then she frowned "But you are Mia, and I do love you a lot. So if you really want to know then I'll tell you." 


She nodded, reaching out to hold my hand. I happily accept and smile at her. 


"It's not a big complicated story really, I was alone in this dark ass long tunnel that never ended for me and I was scared and sad because I was alone and suddenly this beautiful, smart non-college girl came my way with a flashlight in her hand and we walked in that long ass tunnel hand in hand together." I smiled at her, I admit that I avoided the whole big coming out story about my cuts but she knew that: She respected my privacy and just nodded, smiling softly at me. 


"And we still will be hand in hand together Harry." She placed another hand on top of mine "I'll always be here for you babe." 


I smile a little at her comfort; she walked over to me, kissing my forehead quickly then led us towards our tent but who knew she was lying straight to my face. I wished I could read minds so I knew why? Why did she let go of me after she promised? After our six weeks together, Why


I hope you liked this kind of rushed chapter, I didn't really edit so I'm sorry if there is mistakes.

I'm glad I updated and by the way, only one chapter left. 

Thank you for all the support on this story! 

I love you guys so much. 

Much love, Amber :-) xo

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