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  • Published: 24 May 2014
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[COMPLETED SHORT STORY] When she came into my life, all my scars start to fade away and finally they were gone and so was she. © uxique, All rights reserved 2014.


1. i. Fading

The Beginning


She sat there, silently reading that clouded blue novel. She would always read that novel; in that same spot in the dusty ol' corner of the bookstore with her legs crossed in that same foldable chair with her elbow propped on the table. 


Slowly strands of hair fell and instinctively she would brush them behind her ear. Her eyes followed the words in the novel and I could see the passion in her sparkling eyes. 

It might be weird but this was where I slowly fell in love with her; in the beginning, she was nothing more than an attractive girl, reading by herself in an old bookstore but all of a sudden I've noticed myself thinking about her throughout the day. Thinking rhetorical things like; 

Has she finished the novel yet?

Does she like it?

What was her favorite part? 

Who are her favorite characters?

Who is her least favorite character? 


Things like that, I don't know why because I hardly know the girl but something about her makes me attractive to her. Maybe it's because I fall in love too easily or maybe I'm just very desperate for love. 

A week ago, I've came up with a conclusion that I, myself am a very lonely person. 

I tried telling myself that I was not alone. Yet when I climbed into my cold bed, my sadness enveloped me instead of my blankets and my head propped up by a monster of thoughts rather than my pillow. It feels like the mattress was laying on top of me with the weight on my chest and all I know through this confusion is when I sit up and take a look around; the only person there and the only person cares and the only person who understands and god, I'm alone. 


I guess, I'm seeking for love and this book frantic girl happen to catch my attention. 


I pick out some book that was lying on the table; which I didn't really pay much attention to.  I wanted to seem that I was reading it. I clenched the book in my sweaty hands as I walk over to the girl. 

She flicked her eyes up to me with her pink colored lips in a thin line. 


"Can I help you?" Those were the first four words she spoke to me for the first time. 


Do you ever talk to someone for the first time, and you suddenly hear their beautiful voice and it's exactly how you imagine it. Soft and fragile; just like her. 


"Um yeah, I was wondering how good that novel is because you seemed really into it." I mumbled, she had her head tilted up to look at me and I felt nervous as hell. She softly smiled and looked down at her book. 


"It's going well, Have you read any John Green books before?" She asked me which surprised me a little. Usually this would be where the conversation ends; I mean that's what happens to every girl I try to talk to. 

I knew she was different. 


I tried to think carefully about John Green. 

"John Green? The John Green?" I said, pulling a seat in front of her. I take a glance at her book that read 'The Fault in Our Stars' and I continued to pretend that I have read the book to continue talking to her. 


It's safe to say we got along quickly, I found out that we had the same music taste. Not perfectly the same but we liked some bands together. We continued talking about our hobbies and what we do and what we wanted to be in the future. It was amazing. 

I had to take a second to realize that I was talking to a girl that I loved from a distance and she was perfectly fine talking to me too. 


Maybe I wasn't alone after all.


"You're a pretty sweet person." She complimented me and I quickly blushed with happiness. I smiled at her and complimented her beautiful eyes. 

She shook her head, "They aren't beautiful at all." She said and I couldn't disagree more. 


"On the contrary, I think they are the most beautiful things I have ever gotten the privileged to look at." 

She smiles at me and her eyes crinkle a little which makes my heart melt just a little more.  


"I almost forgot to tell you my name," She grinned "I'm Mia." 

She reached her hand over to me to shake. 


Mia, Mia, Mia, Mia. Oh my god, it's such a beautiful name. Why is everything that is her beautiful? I think that name is going to be in my mind forever. 


I dry my hands on my pants and shake hers. They were small and warm and I wished I got to hold them forever.

"I'm Harry." I answered quickly and she nodded, and her million dollar prized smile showed up again. 


"Then, Harry." She closed her book and stood up which I did the same too. "Would you like to go grab something to drink with me and continue to praise John Green?" 


I nodded, grinning at her. "There is nothing more I would want to do."  


The rest of the afternoon, we spent it together. We talked much more, I talked about some shows I watched and she did the same. The more we bonded the more she told me about herself which I didn't mind at all. I found out that she's living with herself since she was done living with her cruel mother. She didn't go to college; which might sound bad but she defended by saying she had enough living trapped in school with the pressure to be successful. She wanted to live the rest of her life free and I found it fascinating. 


As days went on, we kept seeing each other more and more and every time we saw each other the more I felt attracted to her. I was distracted from my past; from all the sins I have done now that I have her. I never picked up that pathetic piece of metal again because of her. I don't need that thin metal to love me anymore since I have her now. My mind isn't filled with dark creatures, it's filled with flowers called Mia and they are blooming rapidly. 


Then on our third date, I reached over to hold her hand and asked her my million dollar question; scared she would fling her hand back to her and shake her head with disgust but instead she smiled, and nodded gleefully. She wrapped her dainty arms around my neck as I did around her waist. I was engulfed with her scent and I wouldn't mind being like this forever. I held her tight, not letting go.


But who knew she was the one that let go of me.


I hope you enjoyed this short chapter; this will continue maybe only for another two or three chapters. It depends if I get any more inspiration.

I don't know where I'm leading this but I hope it becomes good. 

Much love, Amber. x

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