My Screwed Up Life

This is the diary of Ashlee. This is about her real life. See the ups and down of surviving crushes, friendships, and heart break. This may happen to you.
Contains mature content. Included swear words and sexual words.


14. May 20, 2014

Holy shit,

I haven't updated in forever. Like holy shit. Omifuckinggod. Okay, not over the shock. I'm fine. I'm fine. Okay, readers don't worry. I perfectly fine. Now, let me tell you about my day. So I'm watching eclipse and holy shit Jacob is hot. Unmm, today, Jesus Christ Kirsten Stewart is an awful actress. Okay, back to topic back to topic. So, remember my crush josh, well I have discovered that I don't like him like a crush only he's cute. My profile picture is of me my BFF Margaret and Josh. (Yes the one I was talking bout) today Avery came up to me and Alison and I'm like "hey we were just talking about you. All good things all good things" and she like "where have I heard that before?" And at the same time! Were like "Olaf!" Then we bursted out laughing. It was so funny. Now I'm really bored and have to go get ready for softaballl practakiss. Yeahhhh I'm weird.

Love y'all. (I'm southern today)


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