My Screwed Up Life

This is the diary of Ashlee. This is about her real life. See the ups and down of surviving crushes, friendships, and heart break. This may happen to you.
Contains mature content. Included swear words and sexual words.


17. July 2, 2014

 Whats up girls!!!!


I Havent written in forever, but i got a community service job ( forced by my parents ) at dairy queen, and theres this really hot boy that works there! 

He keeps winking at me and i feel really big butterflies in my stomach. i mean i know i'm only a teen, but hes doing the service with me.... and OMG hes touched my hands while we were making an ice cream cone! 

I know this is cheesy but woooooooww.

                                                                                            Seeya, Ashlee

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