My Screwed Up Life

This is the diary of Ashlee. This is about her real life. See the ups and down of surviving crushes, friendships, and heart break. This may happen to you.
Contains mature content. Included swear words and sexual words.


4. April 5, 2014

Hi oxygen breathers,

I'm so fucking bored. And mad. I missed softball practice on Friday to sleep over my best friends kaylees house. My mom never told me. Then when I go to the clinic the next day, the coaches daughter asked me where I was for practice and I said I had no ideas there was practice. I read a 609 page book in two and half hours. And then I finished my other book (206 pages) in a half and hour. Now I have nothing to do. I just found out that my best friend is gay. Like omg! My mom said its good to have guy friends cause they'll protect you. I have guy friends but there not my best friends. Apparently out of everybody in my school I have the weirdest nickname. Ashes. My other friend Jess said that it makes perfect sense since I burn people. Like Josh, he said something like you should watch your limit. And I'm like you should watch your limit on your voice box. And everyone's like ooohhhhhhhh!!!!! It so funny. I want archery lessons but my moms like its to expensive. And I'm like wtf. I want to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow. Is that so hard to ask. So I asked my mom for Christmas to get me piano and guitar lessons and she said fine. It's April and I still haven't started them. The only way for me to express my anger is writing or screaming or hitting something. Or I'll daydream about something else. Okay, I found something to do.

See ya oxygen breathersssssssss,


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