My Screwed Up Life

This is the diary of Ashlee. This is about her real life. See the ups and down of surviving crushes, friendships, and heart break. This may happen to you.
Contains mature content. Included swear words and sexual words.


9. April 27,2014

Just gonna say it. Sorry. You bitches are lucky your even hearing this from me. I rarely and I mean rarely say this. I haven't updated in who knows how many days. Let's just say.......I've been busy. Yesterday I was forced to go to a wedding. It was boring. Very very very boring. Ugh, it was awful. This has turned out to be the worse school year ever! Two people have died this year. It's sad. Also, I learned a very important life lesson. Never put your finger near saws in woodshop. My friend got 33 stitches and I got a paper cut from it. So yeah. Never ever do it. It will suck. Now, I'm in North Carolina being forced to hang out with my family. My friends when they found out that I was going on vacation again they flipped. They're like are you going to Disney again? And I'm like no. North Carolina suckers. Have fun in 30 degree weather while I'm lounging in beach chairs and 80 degree weather. I know I said that this book was suppose to be about life problems and all but i have none. So what I'm asking you to do is comment on my page about a problem you have and I'll do my best to help you figure out what to do. Okay? I love to help people. So if you have a problem, tell me what it is and your movellas name and I'll help you solve it. It might be a few days but still. I will get to everybody.

Gotta go, trouble in paradise,


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