My Screwed Up Life

This is the diary of Ashlee. This is about her real life. See the ups and down of surviving crushes, friendships, and heart break. This may happen to you.
Contains mature content. Included swear words and sexual words.


8. April 19, 2014


Sorry I haven't updated in a while....... Been busy. This week alone I made 100$. I worked at moms work two days making 40, Wednesday I did nothing. Thursday and Friday I made 40$ babysitting a 17 month old. Today, I detailed a car and went grocery shopping for my great grandmother. Making 20$. So 100$ in a week. Boo yah bitch! Today I'm learning how to make homemade thin mints. Yum! I've been on April Va-K all week. Sad thing is, I never was able to sleep in. It kinda sucks. Whatever. Next week in going back to boring, lame ass school. I found out that I like to read books on watt pad and write books on movellas. I'm freaking multitasking! Yeah.........I know I'm.................AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Okay, gotta fly

Ta da, (I'm a magician)


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