My Screwed Up Life

This is the diary of Ashlee. This is about her real life. See the ups and down of surviving crushes, friendships, and heart break. This may happen to you.
Contains mature content. Included swear words and sexual words.


6. April 11, 2014

Sorry suckerssss,

I haven't wrote in a while. So today I had the most stupidest flied trip in the world. My Spanish teacher takes the panther team to some Mexican restaurant. I only went because my three friends were. Taylor, Alison and Avery. Alison boyfriend Alex also went on the trip. I refused and I mean refused to let Alison sit with her boyfriend on the bus. I had it all planned out. Alison and Avery behind me and Taylor. It turned out the other way around but whatevs. Another excuse to go on this trip is because it was a way to get out of school and to talk to our friends. But we couldn't bring our cellphones! Like really?! We played thrush or dare on the bus. I was dared to lick the pole(that had dirt on it) kiss the same pole, lick the floor, hug my crush(Matt) kiss the window, and that's it. I did EVERY SINGLE ONE! I DONT back down from dares. EVER. E.V.E.R. I never back down. That was my bus ride to this restaurant. But it got better because when we were there we played marry sleep avoid(Taylor's version) which was marry sleep or have kids with. We played that the three hour we were there. Then on the way back me and Avery sat together while Taylor and Ali sat behind us. Avery and me made up our handshake. Apparently I do Jacob and matts handshake better than Matt. Cause I did it with Jacob and Jacob said I did it better. Boo yah! I was so happy cause he actually admitted that I could do it. So now Taylor's sleeping over and she's watching 1D videos. I mean I like the band and their music but I'm just not crazzzzyyyyyy over them. There hot British boys with amazing accents like what's the big deal? Though I totally ship zerrie. Like whenever I write stories for my friends about them they are always together like you can't screw up that relationship. It's just wrong. My second fav is Eleanor and Louis. They're so cute together! Third fav is Liam and Sophia? I forgot. It's either Sophia or Sophie. I pretty sure it's Sophia. That's a lot prettier. But she is so pretty like model pretty and they are cute together. Now the boys turn: let's start with Niall. (Taylor's fav) blond, cute, and who doesn't love a Irish boy? I never want him to change. It's perfect the way it is. Never mess with perfection. Louis: brownish hair, cute, pretty girlfriend, funny. I can't think of any more. Keep up the good work! Zayn: dark brown hair, cute, perfectionist girlfriend (can't get any better!), is he really that obsessed with his hair? Like come on? Really? But if he is THAT must be fun to live with! Liam: brownish hair, cute, sweet girlfriend, I liked him better with the buzz cut. And a shaved face. Much cuter. But that's just my opinion. It's the one that matters. Last but not least Harry: brownish hair, cute-ish (again my opinion) doesn't have a girlfriend. What is the big deal with his hair like really? Everybody says that the reason he the most famous is because if his hair. Like what? It makes no sense. I personally thought he was cuter when he was younger. Okay, now I'm tired from all that writing.

Bye bitchessssssssssssssss,


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