The Letter

This is my first fan fiction story so no hates. It's the disney crossover of Jim and Ariel. Young love is torn apart too soon. Jim struggles with the loss of Ariel. His sister, Belle, tries to help him. But will it be too late to help Jim?


4. The Hidden Truth

Belle made her way towards her car parked beside her brothers ute. Once she was seated in the drivers seat she slammed the door behind her, making her husband jump.

"Are you alright Belle?" he asked as he placed the newspaper he was reading onto his lap. Belle gripped the steering wheel angrily and took a moment to think.

"Yes I'm fine," she sighed a she grip lossened. "Why does he act so childish?" she scoffed, nodding towards the cottage. "His wife died from cancer, he should be out there fund raising or living his life to the fullest for her or something productive for god sake!" She let go of the wheel and placed her hands on her lap, sighing she wished she knew what her brother was thinking right now. Beside her, her husband sighed like he knew something she didn't. She turned to face him, eyeing him with her hazel eyes. "Dimitri, what are you hiding?"

Dimitri stared into her hazel eyes, contemplating wether or not he should tell her what he knows. With a heavy sigh he sat up straight, the newspapaer crinkling in his lap as he did. "Belle," he started, taking her petite hands into his large ones. "Ariel didn't die from cancer," he softly said to her as he caressed her hand with his thumb.

"If it weren't cancer, then what did she die from?" Belle asked surprised. Another heavy sigh left Dimitri's lips, the words lodged in his throat.

"Belle," he said slowly, his grip around her hands tightened a little. "Ariel was murdered. In that very cottage over there," he nodded towards the yellow slouching cottage. Belle sat in silence, completely shocked by Dimitri's words. "Jim came home from work one night and there she was. All bloodied and tattered up in the lounge room."

"So that's why he got rid of the white carpet," Belle said softly still looking at the cottage. Dimitri numbly nodded his head beside her, but he wasn't finished.

"The worst part is..." he trailed off, the words wouldn't crossover his tounge. Belle looked at him now, she knew he wasn't finished just yet.

"The worst part?" she prompted him. She watched as his brown eyes glazed over with unshed tears. "Dimitr?" Belle asked, but Dimitri held up his hand to silence her.

"The worst part Belle," he cleared his throat, "is that Ariel was with child when she was murdered."

Belle gasped in horror, she took her hands from Dimitri's to cover her O shaped mouth. "Why didn't he tell me?" she whispered as she took another glance to the cottage. Her older brother and herself were always close, why would he keep such a thing from her? The thought killed her.

"Jim didn't know himself until the police took her away. He couldn't come to tell you Belle," Dimitri said, placing a hand on his wife's lap.

"So he told you?" she asked with jealousy, she was disappointed that her own brother didn't tell her.

Dimitri sighed heavily beside her. "He had no choice," he assured Belle. "I happened to visit the day the police took Ariel's body away." Belle sat back in her seat, she went over Dimtir's words in her head. "He was shaken up real bad Belle," Dimitri said as he took ahold of his wife's hand again. "He made me swear not to tell you until he was ready. So we both came up with the idea that she died from cancer, your faimly believed it."

Belle took a moment to think. Her family was always close, nothing was kept a secret. So why had Jim kept this from his family? "Why didn't he just tell us?" she asked her thoughts out loud.

Dimitri shrugged, he had no idea why Jim kept Ariel's true death from his family. "I guess it's because he didn't want to hear over and over again "sorry for your loss, we will find the murder.""

Belle watched the cottage. Echoes of blood curdling screams and yelling filled her head as she imagined Ariel being murdered. "I have to go back in there and get my brother out of here," she said as she started to open the car door. Dimtiri stopped her by taking ahold of her elbow. "Dimitri? let go-"

"No Belle," Dimitri sternly said, interrupting her. "Leave him alone for a bit."

"Dimitri, he has been alone for a long time!" Belle argued, interrupting him.

"We will come back in four days, then we can we will take him home with us," Dimitri continued. "For now, let him rest." Belle sighed from her husbands words. She took one last look of the yellow cottage before she closed the car door again.

"Your right Dimitri," she sighed as she started the car, the engine roared to life. "We will come back." She turned her head as she pulled out of the drive way. Their car made the short journey down the narrow dirt road. Dimitri and Belle were unaware that four days wasn't enough.

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