The Letter

This is my first fan fiction story so no hates. It's the disney crossover of Jim and Ariel. Young love is torn apart too soon. Jim struggles with the loss of Ariel. His sister, Belle, tries to help him. But will it be too late to help Jim?


1. Prologue

The smell of roasted pork filled the small house. A woman  with creamy skin and extravagant blood red hair rushed around the house with some urgency. She picked up things as she went along and placing them in their correct places. Her husband would be home soon. She smiled to herslef, tonight was the night she was going to announce to her husband she was pregnant.

She jumped for the hundredth time as she stepped onto the cold marbled kitchen floor, she was bare footed. She headed to the cupboard picking up plates and carried them to the small rounded table seated in the middle of the room. An unusal knock on the door made her stop her usual activities.

Confused, she turned her head to the small clock that clung to the wall. It's small hands pointed to the 7 and 12. '7 o'clock? That's strange,' the woman thought to herself as she walked towards the front door. Her husband wouldn't be home until 8, it was too early for him to get off early.

Her slim fingers wrapped themselves around the sliver door nob. With a twist of her wrist the door clicked open. The cold breeze of winter spilled into the house. The wind made her simple white silked fluter around her slim figure. Goosepimples erupted across her creamy skin as she peered into the darkness of night.

"Hello?" her angelic voice asked the darkness, there was no answer. Taking another look about she retrived back into the house with a little awareness. She turned to close the door when a large hand struck out and met her throat. Shocked by the sudden hand she gasped for air, all the while being forced back into her home. Scream lodged in her throat, she had forgotten them.

She tried to see her attackers face but her vision was a blurr. All she could make out from the blurred picture was a set of piercing blue eyes hungry for blood, her blood.

Somthing gripped at her cheeks, she realized it was her attackers other hand. Her attacker pushed her cheeks together with such force it threaten to break her jaw if she didn't open her mouth and let her pink tongue slid past her now purple lips. Something cold and sharp ran across her tongue. Pain erupted from were her tongue should be. Her sapphire blue eyes opened wide with terror as he tongue fell to the floor. Blood poured from her mouth, she even gaged as some blocked the entrance to her oesophagus.

"So no one can hear you scream," a harsh male voice spat in her ear. The grip around her neck lossened. Her knees gave way and she slunk to the carpet floor. As she sputtered blood across the white carpet she wondered how she was still breathing. Her wind pipe had been crushed and even if it hadn't her own blood filled the spaces of her windpipe so no air could entre.But she was still very much alive.

She lay faced down on the soft white carpet. It was ironic to think that this was her only comfort during the situation. She wished her husband would walk through the door and stop her attacker. But he never came for her.

Something blunt, cold and hard hit her back with greath force. A gurgle of pain escaped her lips as a loud crack filled the air. The thought of her spinal cord broken in two made her shudder for that is what exactly had happen. The object hit her again and again with the same force as the first hit. By the end of her brutal bashing she had more broken bones of her rib cage and spine. Hot tears stained her once petite face. How much more pain did she have to go through before she could finally rest in peace?

Blood stained her once wihte silked dress and the once white carpet. Her mind told her to move quickly but her body couldn't. So she laid there helplessly. A hand ripped her onto her back, pain erupeted again through out her broken body. Her vision was a mixture of blurr and black spots. Her attackers hand gripped her throat once more. She was lifted from the carpet, her body was limp as she hung by her throat. The blade that had cut off her tongue was forced into her chest were her heart was. A wimper of pain escaped her lips as the blade struck her heart.

"Why?" her broken voice asked. Her lungs rubbed against each other like sand paper as she tried to breath. She didn't recieve an answer, instead, her attacker dropped her body and left her alone.

She felt herself being pulled and the pain was gone. She sat up and looked around. The house was a complete mess of blood and broken furniture, but her body looked like it had not been touched. She stood puzzled how she was still alive. She looked to the place she had died. A gasp of horror left her mouth. She fell numbly beside her dying body. Tears rolled down her cheeks like raging rivers. With shaky hands she reached out to caress her mattered blood red hair but her transparent fingers ghosted through her head. A blood curtling scream left her ghostly lips. She screamed at her dying body beside her. She screamed at her murder. And she screamed for her husband. He would be home soon to find her dead body.

As the last threads of her life left her dying body as she screamed into the night.


Theres more to this story so give me time and I'll publish the rest real soon. So thanks for reading!!! Much love xx


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