The Letter

This is my first fan fiction story so no hates. It's the disney crossover of Jim and Ariel. Young love is torn apart too soon. Jim struggles with the loss of Ariel. His sister, Belle, tries to help him. But will it be too late to help Jim?


2. Old Recorded News

Not far west from a little city called Montressor down a narrow dirt road stood a cottage on a small hill. A few months ago the little cottage stood tall with its bright colours of yellow and blue. The small wooden door and roof would blaze in the night with the colour blue. Yellow would coat the house nicely throughout the day making it shine brighter then the sun. It was a loving home.Now the house was dark, its colours not so bright. From a distance you could have sworn the little cottage was slouching with despair.

The new moon bathed the depressed cottage. Shadows lurked around the cottage as if hidding a terrible secret. If you escaped the darkness of night into the cottage it would seem there was nothing wrong. A simple wooden floored lounge room, small kitchen, two bedrooms, and a little bathroom. The curtains were drawn across the windows bathing the cottage in darkness.

The faint rumble of a car engine neared the cottage. The light of the headlights shone through the casted bedroom windows. The light illuminated one particular object in the lit bedroom, a wooden picture frame seated on the left bedside table. Behind its protective layer of glass stood a lovely young woman frozen in time. Her sapphire blue eyes looked lovingly into the camera as the picture was taken. Her long blood red hair levitated in the air by the soft summer wind. Behind her soft rosey red lips bore pearly white teeth that spread out into a wide smile. A beauty frozen in time.

The car lights moved on as the car pulled up in front of the small garage beside the slumping cottage. The stopping of the tyres caused the rocks beneath them to crunch together. The car turned off, followed by the creaking of the hand break and the click of the head lights being turned off. The keys rattled as they were pulled from the ignition. The car sat in silence for a few passing minutes causing the night to be silent again.

The creaking of the car door interupted the night once more. The rocks were disturbed once more as heavy boots landed on them. The car door creaked closed as the boots retreated to the sadden cottage. The boots climbed the wooden steps to the cottage's veranda, arms reached for the hanging pot plant that hung by the front door. The arms retrived a set of key that were hidden away. Their secret hiding place.

The keys rattled before one was chosen to open the door's lock. The door clicked open, with a heavy sigh the door was pushed aside. The boots entered the house with heavy feet, as if the world had been placed atop of their shoulders. The door slammed closed behind them.

The keys were thrown through the air, landing in a bowl atop of a small rounded table. Their jacket unzipped and hung on the coat rack beside them. The boots were kicked off before walking further down the hallway, each step lighter now then before. They stopped before the kitchen archway. The light flicked on from the switch illuminating the speckled marbled kitchen.

"Ariel I'm home," a stong, sexy, ruggered male voice called out. The voice bounced off the walls like an echo. He waited, but there was no answer. A heavy sigh left the mans tanned lips as he ran a hand over his tired stormy ocean blue eyes. It wasn't the first time her had called her name after he returned from work.

He walked over to the bench and turned the kettle on. He left the kitchen to enter the main bedroom. Light illumintated the room as the switch was turned on. He walked over to the dress cupboard and pulled out a pair of brown pants, white t-shirt and some boxes. He closed the cupboard and headed for the bathroom that linked with with bedroom. He thought a good hot shower would do the trick. It didn't.

When he finished his shower he returned to the kitchen with a towel drapped over his head. He took a mug from the dish rack and made himself half a coffee with the newly boiled water. With the mug in hand he left the kitchen turning the light off as he went.

Light poured into the lounge room as he walked in. His legs took him to the bar that was built into a cupboard off the left side wall. He picked up the remote that was seated on the bar and turned the TV on. The news appeared on the screen followed by a double murder case of a young woman and her un-born child. The news wasn't really on at this time, it was a recording her took months ago.

With a heavy sigh he pried his eyes from the screen and reach for a bottle of rum. He poured the rum into his half made coffee, filling the other half. Once he was down he took the mug and walked towards the couch. He plunked himself down onto the leather brown couch, stirring his rum-coffee together by swirling his hand. He took a sip from the rum-coffee as he watched the news with a solemn look.

Once he had finished his rum-coffee and watched the recored news another dozen times, he stretched out his cramped limbs tiredly. He laid across the couch, pulling a brown blanket up to his neck. He fixed the yellow cushion beneath his head and eventually fell asleep as the news, for the hundredth time, went itno the victim's home. A small yellow cottage with a blue roof and door.

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