The Letter

This is my first fan fiction story so no hates. It's the disney crossover of Jim and Ariel. Young love is torn apart too soon. Jim struggles with the loss of Ariel. His sister, Belle, tries to help him. But will it be too late to help Jim?


5. Burn Baby Burn

Three days had past from Belle's visit. Jim had drunk every bottle of alcohol in the house.

He laid out on the alcohol stained bed. The covers were a mess, they were dotted with brown patches, the stains of the alcohol. As he laid on his side, he watched the frozen beauty behind her protective glass. Tears of longing left his eyes as he watched her, his Ariel, frozen in time. It was unfair to be loss of your love at such a young age of 24. He couldn't live with out her, yet she left him. He made up his mind.

Jim pulled himself from the bed reluctantly. He walked to the kitchen, unware that faint blue eyes watched his every move. Once he reached the kitchen, he took out a knife and slit the gas hose to the stove. Gas leaked into the house from between the slits. He tossed the knife away as he made his way to the bar. He poured his lass glass of rum and brought it to his lips.

Faint blue eyes widen in protest. A faint hand reached for his glass, but like every other time, it shifted through the glass structure. The eyes watched helplessly as Jim drank his glass. When he finished he placed the glass down again, making his way to the bedroom. From the bedside door, he pulled out a piece of paper and pen, he scribbled something across it in urgency. He placed the piece of paper into an enverlope, writting a name in cursive writing across it.

He finished his letter and placed it safely in the safe beneath the bed. He sat on the bed once more, gathering the hand gun and picture frame. Tears gushed from his eyes as he tared down at the frozen beauty. "I'm so sorry Ariel," Jim sobbed, raising the hand gun to his temple.

The faint eyes widened in protest and shock. Faint hands rushed towards him, but again they sifted through. Tears rolled down the faint eyes as they stood there helpless. They called his name, but like many times before, no sound was made. The faint hands went at him again, this time passing all the way through. Before they could turn around a loud bang sent shivers down their spine.

With Jim's death, the house erupted into flames.

"Jim!?" an echoing voice left the fainted lips. The sudden voice made the fainted figure jump, but they still continued their search. The faint eyes searched the hungry flames, in the middle of it all they had spotted Jim's limp body.

Tears left the faint eyes once more as they sunk next to Jim's body. The fiant figure of Ariel was very clear now. She had been the one who had watched him drink is life away, see his suffering and had no ability to make him better. She had tried to keep the bad thoughts from his mind, she really did, but it seemed to have been wasted now.

Jim's blood gathered at her knees as she cried, but it did not touch her. With a shaky hand she reahced out to him, trying to comfort his lifeless body. But like before, her hands drifted through. She cried harder as she retrived her hand. She hated being a ghost. A lost soul dammed to watch their love ones to suffer. She knew she had unfinished business, but now it would never be resolved.

"Ariel?" another echoing voice asked, the sound engulfing the air around her. Ariel looked around for the source of the voice. So long she had spent her time trying to reach Jim, a new voice had made her jump. She looked back towards Jim's body, she fell backwards in fright when she came face to face with Jim.

"Jim?" the word passed her lips in a whisper. It wasn't really Jim, it was his ghost. She sat up slowly, studying his new figure. He was simply perfect in everyway. His skin was heightened with a light glow, the bags under his eyes had vanished and his scars from his death were no where in sight. His blue eyes peiced her own, he saw her. Delight overwhelmed her heart, she had spent so long trying to get Jim to see her again but to no success.

"Your here," Jim struggled to say the words to her as a large lump formed in his throught.

"Jim, why did you do that?" she asked him, moving away slightly. She was happy that he saw her, but she was angry he had taken her own life for the sake of her.

"I couldn't live without you," Jim sighed as he took her cheek in his large hand. A slight whimper left her transparent lips from his touch, she hadn't been gently touched in months.

"You can touch me," Ariel whispered in delight as she neared him, tears bedded in her eye lids.

"You are the only girl for me," Jim said with a small smile. In a swift movement, he brought her into a tight hug, a hug they both needed. "I love you Ariel," he said into the curls of her red locks.

"I love you too," Ariel sniffled in his chest.

Jim pulled them out of their embrace to look at her, they way he did it might have seem like he was looking at her for the first time. He studied her pale red hair, the skin around her face and her pale sapphire blue eyes. She wore what she was wearing the night she was murdered. The white silk shone brightly, she looked like an angel wearing the dress.

"What now?" she asked, breaking his line of thoughts. With a smile, Jim took her hands in his.

"I think its time we picked up from where we left off," he softly said as he stared down at her pale hands, caressing a finger over them.

"And where was that?" Ariel asked with a playful smile.

"You were going to tel me you were pregnant," Jim looked up at her with a smile, a smile he hadn't bore in months. With another playful smile from Ariel, she took his hand and placed it across her abdomen. He waited confused, then he felt a slight kick. "How can that be?" Jim asked confused and a little shocked as he took his hand away.

"Ghosts have their own world Jim," Ariel said with a smile. She took his cheek with her hand, caressing it with her fingers. "Now, you and I can live on forever, never growing old."

"Never?" Jim asked as if it were too good to be true.

"Never," Ariel comfirmed. The two laughed happily together as the cottage burned down around them. They kissed as the hunger flames lapped at their ghostly figures, never to touch them.

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