They can control you

have you ever wondered what would of happened if Jeanine was gone and
Tris was still alive well this is how I see it Glen a candor boy is going to be the character


1. I woke up

I wake up early in the morning thinking about whether I should stay with Candor or leave to Abnegation.  I walk out of my room and walk down the stairs to meet my mother and my father I put my black hat on that also matches my clothes and walk to school when I make it to the school I walk straight to the lunch room and wait to be called for my aptitude test.  I observe the other factions and notice that they are so different, and I wonder which one will I belong to.  That's when I hear my name Glen Dohl I start walking to my room which is labeled room 3.  When I make it inside the room I see my instructor she turns around and says hello I am Tris Prior.

I look at her tattoos and see 3 ravens flying to her heart I ask her what they stand for she looks at me with pain in her eyes and says " for every family member I left behind." I smile then she gives me a liquid and tells me to drink it I look at her with fear and then she tells me "don't be scared its always hard the first time." Then I go under.

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