A Summer Love

This story is going to have a sequel!
Lilly is forced to go to a summer camp, at first she hates it. Her cabin is right next to a group of annoying football jocks. Meet Jayce, will he change Lilly's perspective on how she sees him? Or when her boyfriend Jake cheat on her while she's away at camp?



Jake: I've liked Lilly since the 9th grade. Although we had 3 classes together, we managed to talk and make time for her. Hahaha its funny to look back at out stupid little conversations. I was right in front of Lilly's house. Someone opened the window, "JAKE?!" "HEY BEAUTIFUL!" We were still on the phone, I was on the ground and she was still upstairs in her room. "Jake, what heck are you doing at my house at 10:00 at night?!" "I'm taking you somewhere, come on!" "Wait.." She left the window. This was my chance to ask Lilly to be my girlfriend.

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