A Summer Love

This story is going to have a sequel!
Lilly is forced to go to a summer camp, at first she hates it. Her cabin is right next to a group of annoying football jocks. Meet Jayce, will he change Lilly's perspective on how she sees him? Or when her boyfriend Jake cheat on her while she's away at camp?


15. "Thanks."

Lilly: Jack and Jayce helped me sit up. I was breathing okay and it was just the three of us on the dock of the lake. I had no idea what to think and Jayce staring at me hopelessly wasn't helping either. Jayce wrapped a towel around me and tried to comfort me. "T-thanks" "For what?" "F-for saving m-m-my life." "Hey that's what I'm here for." He put his arm around me. Something didn't feel right about Jake back home. I just had that feeling, like he was hiding something. "Jack, get my phone from my cabin." "Gotcha." He ran for my cabin.

Jayce: I don't know what the hell I was doing but I kissed Lilly. She just stared at me and then smiled. Jack came back with her phone. "Who are you calling?" "Jake." Something didn't feel right and I could see it in Lilly's eyes. Fear, cheat, lies. I went on my phone and checked Twitter, then, I found Jake's account. I found a picture of him making out with some slut. *Posted 5 minuets ago* "Oh shit." "Wha-OH HELL NAW."

Lilly: Jake picked up his phone. "Hey baby" "Don't you dare "hey baby me!!" "What are you talking about." "Why don't you damn go and make out with that slut of yours on Twitter.?!" "Baby. It wasn't my fault!!" "Oh uh huh sure it wasn't. I knew I shouldn't have trusted you. WE'RE OVER JAKE." I ended our call, stood up, and walked to my cabin. I didn't even look at Jayce. The girls ran up to me and comforted me. They must've saw the picture too. I just broke down into my bed and pillows. I was crying because I wasn't good enough for Jake.

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